Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's On Your List?

October 1st already?
Wow. It is unreal.
Mother nature has really been confusing my mind lately.
One day it is 70 and the next day it is 90.
I don't ever remember going to the pumpkin patch in capris and a short sleeve shirt?
Last year I bundled up in a fleece jacket and two long sleeve shirts and Madison and the hubs even wore winter hats!

Now I know we have a few weeks before the hunt for the perfect pumpkin begins but I have a feeling this year may just be a little warmer. I think I am ok with that!

With a  new month ahead now seems like the perfect time to set some new goals. In no particular order here are a few areas that I feel like need improvement, adjusting or time and energy spent on:

Blog: Attract more readers to my blog. Spend more time reading and commenting on blog posts. Make new blog friends. Revise my sponsor page and gain one new sponsor.

Make time to use the ladies room. This may come off as a joke but seriously a lot of us hold it in because we are so busy. My bladder and kidney's will be thanking me later. Smile more. I may be happy inside but I am not one to smile at random people. I hate feeling like I am being rude, so I feel the need to change. Find a new office chair. I have found that by the end of the work day my right knee is swollen and my back and hips are throbbing. I am quite sure the chair has something to do with it.

I am all about dinner dates so I have been bugging my close friends to have dates with me so we can catch up. Life gets so busy and I never want us to fall out of touch or let life get in the way.  I cherish my girlfriends, there are few people in my life I can trust with my friendship so I believe in showing them how much I care. I keep saying I want to have an all girls sleepover but that never happens. Hopefully sometime this month? Guess we will see!

I believe that I do the best I can with all that I am given but sometimes I let the outside world get the best of me. Sometimes I find myself sighing or rolling my eyes or being short with Madison and then feeling guilty later. I am learning more and more every day that I need to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life because not everything lasts forever. I hope to take Madison to a few more fall related activities and spend another great Halloween stuffing her bag with candy!

PATIENCE. With a capital P. As many wives feel with their husbands and husbands feel with their wives sometimes it can all be one sided. One does all of the housecleaning, cooking, caring of the kids etc and then the tasks switch. With the hubs crazy work schedule, busy social life and lack of energy while at home it can become very frustrating balancing it all. Sometimes resentment kicks in because I am truly a housewife. I clean, I cook and I take care of Madison. A lot is put on my plate and I am not allowed to just sit around in a vegetative state. Although it would be nice, that is not reality for a mother. So this month I will try to maintain my sanity and not lash out.

Road Rage:I am hoping to contain myself on the road this month. One of the major highways in our city shut down for three months and now this has caused side streets and main roads to become twice as congested at rush hour. I have exactly 30 mins to get from one side of town to the other to pick Madison up in the afternoon and the people who choose to drive under the speed limit I want to run over. I find my knuckles tightened around the steering wheel, blood pressure rising and foot hitting the gas pedal. Slow Down. That is what I need to do.
I hope to be in bed every night by 11 pm and up every morning at 5 am. This allows 6 hours of sleep, coffee to be made before work, browsing time on Facebook and Bloglovin and no crazy road rage to Madison's school and to work.

I already feel better by making this list. It is always nice to set goals for yourself. It is something to live up to, to accomplish and also becomes a challenge!

Have you made a list lately?


  1. These are some great goals! I do wish the weather would decide what temperature it was going to be!

  2. I love your goals! I am going to try to be a better mommy this month by really listening to him and having more patience. I feel like we just fly through the evening and I don't spend as much quality time as I should. I also have a goal of buildling my business a little more this month.

  3. I am so glad that I don't have to deal with I 70 right now. Since I 69 opened, we come up through Bloomington now and avoid it altogether. If not, I'd be right there with you with the road rage.

  4. I love making lists and setting goals - I feel way more accomplished when I can actually see the things I have done crossed off a list.

    I am stopping by from the Hump Day Blog Hop and now following!!


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