Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bat Vs Laptop

With a crazy week behind me, I decided to go to bed Thursday night with my to do list unfinished. This included this post. I have yet to find enough time to be able to crank 1-3 posts out at a time. Good job fellow expert bloggers, I commend you. 

Well, as I began the post I soon realized after two paragraphs that Blogger would not let me post any pictures. For some reason I went into my pictures and it said “empty folder” allowing no pictures to be retrieved. I even logged into my Photobucket acct to download them that way, nothing. So after 20 minutes of messing with it I shut the laptop, losing the battle. 

I debated whether or not to post my “High Fives For Friday” without pictures but what is the fun in that?  Let me tell you all about a delicious meal I had, my great shoes I bought and my cute manicure with no photos. Blah.

Sometimes I feel like the universe is against me. I come up with a good idea, shot down. I want to start a project, can’t find the materials. I have a great blog post written, no pictures allowed. The list goes on and on.

Have you dealt with this problem when trying to post pictures? Do you have another system you use with Blogger to add pictures to your post?

It is happening quite frequently and I am beginning to feel flustered. I am highly motivated to find some great blog subjects, chat with new bloggy friends and crank out my posts this weekend.

I find myself getting up an hour earlier each morning to write my post and then with this problem I am totally let down. So here I am, late on a Saturday night with no post yesterday and wishing things would have went my way.

Such is life.
End of rant.


  1. oh i hear y aon the content rant- i have had nothing for weeks. it sucks! keep going though because you love it right? :)

  2. This happens to me when I use Firefox sometimes. I havent had a problem with ie or chrome though!


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