Friday, October 25, 2013

Five, The Magic Number

I'm always looking for new things to put on the blog. I read through others posts for inspiration, I scroll the top news feeds of the day and I relate a lot to what is going on in my life to my posts.

Last night while Madison was in her hour dance class I took the time to read up on blog posts written by all of you wonderful people.

That is when I came to Vicki's post and something just clicked. I knew I had to participate and join the link up on Monday. Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles and getting nowhere. I make a to do list and maybe one thing is crossed off. I am notorious for sitting at work the entire day thinking about all of this stuff that I need or want to do but I end up never getting to it.

Why is that? Most of the time other things come up. I pick up another task, spend the night with family or a friend or just slide into my pjs and veg out with Madison as soon as I enter the house.

At the end of a Sunday night I always seem to find myself scrambling to finish my last task or to spend a little more time with Madison or I end up staying up entirely too late and dread it the next morning. Whatever it might be, life is too short to put off things. It is our time to enjoy the little things in life.

So going back to Vicki's post she had a brilliant idea to make a list of five things to try. By only making a list of five things to try it gives myself and other bloggers a manageable list of tasks or things to accomplish. I often expect a lot from myself and end up saying "what if" or "wish that would have happened".
Today is a new day and the weekend brings good opportunity to start this list and by Monday morning feel a great sense of accomplishment.
Here is my list:

1. I want to practice Madison's dance recital routine with her. Up On The House Top is coming November 22nd and I want my little dancing queen to steal the show! (I want to emphazize I am excited for her but this is no "dance moms" or "toddlers and tiaras".

2. It has been fall now for how long and my fall decor is yet to be put out. I plan on this changing.

3. Send my two BFF's encouragement cards

4. I have a cork board in my kitchen that we like to call "The Wall Of Fame". Basically pictures of the "loves" (family and friends) in our lives go here. It is sad to say that by the time I rotate out that board someone has came and went.

5. Plan a girls date with my sister. We had a great three days together a few months back and I am ready for that time again!

We will never get back the time in our lives where we pushed something to the side due to an excuse, task or because we simply didn't get to it. The clock is ticking, why not enjoy every passing moment? The time is now.

What will you do with your time?

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  1. So happy that I was able to inspire you, and super excited you are joining in!


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