Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ipsy: Art Of Beauty Oct 2013

Ipsy, since day one of subscribing has stolen my heart and seems to be going strong!
The products I receive are quality products yet still affordable!
I find myself buying the items once I have ran out of the product as well.
Similar to Birchbox in many ways yet Ipsy seems to win me over every month.

This month was no different. With this month about beauty tricks and treats, Ipsy delivered products to perfect any look!

Let's take a looksee inside shall we?

1. Photo Op Eyeshadow by Wet n Wild-$4.99
I have fallen in love with the Wet n Wild beauty product line. Each item is affordable, of great quality and seems to last a very long time! The bottom right corner shade I was very glad to see in this pack because I am almost out of my current shade and this matches perfectly! The pigment of the eyeshadow is great and with a little primer lasts even longer!

2. Zoya Nail Polish in Neve-$8
With the Colts football season in full effect I was oober excited to see this royal blue shade of polish in my bag! I cannot wait to give myself a mani/pedi!

3. La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser Wipes-$9.99
I have raved on this little blog before how much I love these wipes! I cannot get enough of them. I wouldn't mind receiving a pack of these every month! With the amount of makeup I use on my face and eyes daily I need something that will remove every speck and these little wipes do just that! Since using the wipes I have had less breakouts as well! They also smell great and leave your face feeling fresh as ever! (hint the name)

4. Sexy Hair Blow Dry Gel-$16.95
I am always stoked after I receive a new hair product that I haven't tried! Especially one that I will use daily. I scrunch my hair almost every day during the week so this volumizing gel does wonders! I own the Big Sexy mousse but have never used the gel. It made my hair look great, smell great and added a lot of volume.

5. Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush-$2.49
I already own an eyeshadow from E.L.F but I still find myself not using it. I use the tiny sponge makeup brush and my finger. Is that bad? Maybe I haven't gotten into using all of my brushes. I wish I would have but for now this little routine works for me.

6. Is this bag not the cutest thing? With Ipsy, you don't just receive a box that gets tossed in the trash you receive a cute travel bag each month. Yes, I have a collection now if you were wondering. Who wouldn't?

How great are these products? And the bag! Come on, is it not the cutest?!!?
What did you receive in your bag?

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