Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do You Make Time For Yourself?

Right now it's 9:00 on Wednesday night. Usually by now I've started or would be starting a lengthy blog post with some pictures to assist so you have (fingers crossed) something intriguing to read. Instead, I've been sitting on the couch for the last two hours watching Gravity (HIGHLY recommended) and stuffing my face with pizza and hot wings. My now awesome plan to end the night is to have a mani session with Madison and hopefully be fast asleep by 10:00.

So here it is folks, real life. Crazy work days, jam packed schedules and a four year old who only wants mommy.

For all of you fellow bloggers who are able to post every day or multiple times a day I envy you. I love reading your posts and I'm totally jealous.

I'm giving you the real me. I am tired. I am having a writer's block moment and I need my pillow and blanket more than my daily Starbucks latte right now.
Sometimes we need that short break to regain our strength, willpower and sanity. Today is that day.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glam It Up: February Birchbox

February's Birchbox theme is based around awards season. Everyone loves to see the new trends, awesome attire and of course makeup and hairstyles of celebrities.

Birchbox came out with a few items to help anyone achieve the hot new look of 2014. Once again I wasn't that thrilled with the products I received so I finally did it, I cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I kept receiving duplicate items, I ordered a hair styling product and it took over two weeks to ship and as far as I'm concerned I've never gotten all that excited about the products.

Let's see the "glam" in the box.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish-$10
This item definitely intrigued me. It is a color changing polish. The color is gold while inside and changes to a reddish orange color when you go outside. The polish is also scented. I didn't really notice it too much but the Birchbox professionals say it has a floral scent.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy in Model is Monarch-$15
As dry as my skin has been it was nice to use this product. It smelled of vanilla and didn't leave my skin greasy or oily. The cream moisturized my hands and really made them feel great!

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara-$19.50
I don't find many mascaras that I like so it didn't surprise me that this one was just average. It went on smooth and didn't clump but I like mascaras that give my lashes fullness. I have tiny lashes so if after applying a mascara they don't look long and full I'm dissatisfied.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Palette-$49
I really loved the color samples that were sent in this palette. I do have to remember they are samples and that means one swipe over the color card and you are dunzo. It's nice to try different shades but when you receive a little trial it's hard to formulate an opinion. 

Agave Healing Oil Treatment-$24
As appealing as it sounds too have sleek, smooth frizz free hair I cannot bring myself to put the oil hair treatments on my scalp. Sorry Wide Open Spaces readers no can do.

This will be my last Birchbox review. As fun as it has been receiving snail mail every month I did not find the products to be useful for myself. I instead put those funds towards the gym and successfully have attended about three times a week now. Until I find another subscription that fits my taste I'll keep loving my Ipsy glam bag. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First, You Must Love Yourself

While growing up, I always felt like the nerdy kid. The girl with the blue glasses, straight long stringy hair and a horrible childhood dealing with the repercussions of being hit in the face with a hockey stick.

I saw many things that were "wrong" with my appearance. I took everything anyone ever said to heart and it hurt me. It broke my spirit, my self confidence and still to this day I still believe some of the things that were said to me. "Too skinny, no butt, walks with her chin in the air, pale, big head, apple face and the list goes on and on".

Because I grew up hearing these hateful statements it was hard to push them away. Even to this day when put into a social setting I find myself comparing myself to others. I sit there thinking what are they thinking, what are they looking at and what is wrong with me.

It's hard to enjoy myself. Kids and adults can be so mean. I hate to think of the day when Madison starts feeling this way. When the kids begin to pick on her, call out her every flaw and try and break her spirit.

Even after being put through all of the torture of being the not so popular kid and feeling a need for constant self improvement I have began to build up my confidence. Madison has a lot to do with that.

For some reason when you become a mother you find yourself not giving a crap about what others think. I can act crazy if I want. I can go a day without makeup (ok, this might only happen on the weekend). I can wear my hair in a ponytail and not feel ugly. I can post this picture here on the blogosphere and feel confident.

I am beautiful in my own way. I am kind, loving, hard-working and I know that ultimately I am beautiful on the inside and the people around me love me for who I am. Regardless of what others said to me and will say to me, I love myself and no one can change that.

As I get older I realize that instead of focusing on all of the negative things said about me I focus on the good comments. "You look nice today, love that shirt, you smell good what perfume is that, pretty nails etc"

So filter out the nonsense, appreciate and respect yourself, fill your heart with love and you will forever be unstoppable!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Summary

The older I get, the more I realize what a challenge it is to find good friends or new ones that stick around.
Luckily I have a few loyal old friends who have been awhile and here recently I've met some new couples who are indeed ones I want in my circle.

I've been trying really hard to maintain my friendships and work on our "circle". The day Madison was born I felt something in myself change. I totally get where the mother lion protects her cubs. I truly feel like a lion. I can be gentle and loving but once you mess with my family, game on.

So when it comes to who I want around myself that also includes my family. I guess I've outgrown the "partying" days. I would much rather spend the night watching movies, playing board games, drinking wine and going to bed at a decent time.

So the circle that I have been maintaining and the ones I would like in my life follow the same path. Ones who don't mind that children are present, that respect when it's time to go home, who like to have fun but keep it under control and who respect one another on a daily basis.
I'm over the drama, backstabbing and lying. I truly have become numb to apologies. Actions speak louder than words.

So long story short, in pictures, here's how I spent my weekend. With people who love us, respect us and I know will always have our back. Just ignore the calorie intake, whoops!

My bff Heather and her kids met us for lunch. A win, win! Panera and their company. Love these guys!

Saturday morning breakfast always makes me happy.

Madison's newest friend! Our girls night out (a new friend of mine) consisted of Outback and Chuckie Cheese! This is what a typical night out turns out to be and I loved every minute of it!

My favorite ice cream, daiquiri ice and jamoca almond fudge. It may sound gross but I can assure you it's delicious!

I know almost everyone loves Chick-Fil-A including ourselves! Our excitement says it all!

Last but not least, the weekend would not be complete without these bad boys! Terrible for you but wonderful for your taste buds! The best part? Using my punched reward card, FREE DONUTS!

Even though I ran my butt off all weekend, I felt the need after devouring all of these wonderful foods to hit the gym for some cardio. It always feels good at the end of the day knowing our circle is in a good place, there is always food on the table and we are all healthy. God is great!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Freedom In The Horizon

Hellooooo Friday! Although I've had a great week, it is very nice knowing in just a few hours I'll be enjoying the weekend. Let's get to the highlights of the week! 

1. If you live in the United States, you might have gotten accustomed to the awful weather we have been having. So when this forecast popped up in a weather update I was ecstatic. The temperature the last few days have given me spring fever! I'm so ready for flip flops and sunshine! 

2. My bff had a birthday this week! We already celebrated this past weekend with our fondue celebration which came out better than I expected but I figured I still had to tell the world when the greatest friend I know was born! 

3. Anyone else counting the days until the season premier of Orange Is The New Black begins? It's one that you either love or hate. I can't wait! The acting is great, the storyline is addicting and it is unlike any other show out there. If you haven't heard the news it premiers June 6th and if you missed season one check it out on Netflix now. 

4. A co-worker of mine and I have been trying for weeks to coordinate a girls night and it finally happened, tonight! We are looking forward to finally not being in a work environment and having some girl talk sessions! Cheers to girls night out!

5. The most exciting news of all is the fact that as of this week I have one medical bill left to pay from my ovarian surgery and then I will be completely debt free!! I never saw this day coming. My end goal is to improve my credit score, sell my house and find a bigger, updated home that is still within our budget. I still can't believe I've lived in my house for 12 years. I'm pretty proud of what we did at the age of 17. Seems just like yesterday we pulled up to our home and the moment we walked in we knew it was a perfect fit.

I'm motivated to make the best of each and every day and to keep a positive outlook on the future. Sometimes when I think everything might fall apart, somehow I make it through. Things happen for a reason and with a little faith it's easier to believe it's for the best.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Would You Like You, If You Met You??

The pace of today's society is busy. So busy, that our blood pressure is testing at an all time high, tasks are being left undone and fewer hours are spent resting.
All of this running around seems to be affecting the way we perform at work, home, in social environments and in our personal lives.

Here lately, I've really been doing a lot of observing. I haven't figured out what has caused this but in the midst of it all I begin to wonder if anyone else is paying attention.
I will start by saying that my biggest crutch is my cell phone. I find myself holding face to face conversations while staring at the bright screen on my cell. I mean I call it multitasking when in all reality it's rude. I'm basically letting that person know my phone and whoever it is I'm talking to is more important. That's not really fair, is it?

While walking out of Madison's school yesterday morning the person in front of me swung open the door to exit the building and never looked behind them to see if anyone was there. I really thought this was just common courtesy? What if the next person had a handful and needed help with the door? Or was handicapped? Or above all was right behind you and you ended up slamming the door in their face. I've never opened a door and not looked behind me, I guess it's a gesture I was taught growing up and will never forget. Thank you mom for instilling values within me.

While driving, I've also noticed how hard it is for some people to let a person out of a side street onto a main road while sitting in traffic. How about a person trying to switch lanes, forget about it. Are we all in that big of a hurry we can't help another person out and let them cut in line?

It comes down to common courtesy. How would you want someone to treat you? Can you make time for others? Put the multitasking on hold and enjoy the ones around you?
We teach our little ones manners and we preach to them right from wrong but if we aren't leading by example then what is the point.

A kind gesture and positive attitude can move mountains. Let me leave you with this one question....


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Look Of Love: Ipsy Feb 2014

Last week I received my monthly self-given present, also known as my Ipsy glam bag. With it being Valentines week it couldn't have arrived at a better time. 

This month's theme is "The Look Of Love", probably my favorite so far. Of course the color pink had to be used more than once and I am completely okay with that! I heart pink!

See what I mean? What's not to love??

1. City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon-$2.99

Although at first glance this blush looks orange it is not. The color is a flattering shade of pink and perfect for any occasion. Whether you are trying to pull off a casual or formal look this blush will work great. I love affordable products that also include great quality!

2. POP Beauty Plump Pout in Peony Petal-$7.53

Lip gloss!! As one of my obsessions I LOVE lip gloss! This mauve colored shade is the perfect color for me. Although the scent of the gloss is not the best it didn't leave my lips feeling sticky like some glosses.

3. Zoya Nail Polish in Dot-$9.00

One of the reasons why I like Ipsy so much is because they send their subscribers full sized nail polishes. They recently sent out one in October and now this one. Each shade coincides with the season so it doesn't get much better than that! Loving this color!

4. Tini Beauty Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One in Spiced Rum-$18.00

My go to eyeshadow color is brown. I own a ton of shades from golden light brown to dark cocoa brown. I feel it is the best shade to accent my features. When I received this creamy eyeshadow I was delighted. The shimmery bronze shade definitely made my eyes pop.

5. IPKN New York Moist and Firm-$35.00

I'm not really a fan of this cream. The shade was perfect because I have started tanning so my skin is a bit darker but it felt cakey and had a shine to it which I do not need on my face. I think I'll pass on this one. 

The total bag value was approximately $72.52 which is good being that the bag only costs $10. Once again I'm highly impressed with Ipsy and the products offered. I look forward to each bag and each product! Happy present to self!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Calling All Bloggers!!

Time is ticking away and I didn't want you to miss out on this great opportunity!

As I mentioned last week, Chelsee recently passed a blogging milestone and decided to celebrate this month with an extra special giveaway. 

Myself, along with these lovely ladies are giving away 2 Urban Decay Naked Palettes! There will be two winners drawn! Remember the more entries you complete, the higher the chance is that you will win! 

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Terms & Conditions:
Open to US Residents only. Winner will be contacted within 3 days of the Giveaway ending. Winner will be verified. If the winner cannot be verified, a new one will be selected. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize after the notifying email has been sent out. If they do not respond to the email within the 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

Don't miss your chance on winning one of these amazing palettes! 
Good Luck!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Family, Friends and Fondue

Planning events has always been a no brainer for me. I love to decorate, plan unique games and make sure everyone or that person experiences a day to remember. It truly is all about the small details. When Valentine's Day started to roll around I had the perfect plan in mind.

My bestie is currently preggo with her first child and her birthday is this week so I decided to include her and her husband in on the festivities. The more the merrier right?!?!

I decided on a three course menu and my oh my it was the best ever! Who doesn't love cheese, marinated meat and dessert? Although it is not the healthiest of menus I just wanted everyone's taste buds to be satisfied and I can proudly say this occasion was a hit!

The best part about fondue is the quality time spent together while devouring a yummy meal. It is a slow process but well worth the wait. Each course is mouth watering and of course the chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows is saved for last because it truly is the best part.

How was your Valentine's Day weekend? Have you ever had a fondue experience?