Thursday, October 3, 2013

Insert Cat In The Hat

So I don't know what was put in my latte this week but my brain is fried.

I have not only thought it was Wednesday on Tuesday but Thursday on Wednesday and now Friday on Thursday.

I am unable to keep track of daily tasks.

I leave myself a note and then remember the note far past the time I needed to remember what it was.

I set reminders on my calendar and then realize when I haven't received the reminder that I put it on the wrong date or time.

Is this what really happens the closer you get to 30?

The wrinkles begin to show, you gain a few gray hairs and you start to lose your memory?

Aren't these things supposed to happen later in life?

I sat down to write this post and here was the first line "It is easily said that Friday is the best day of the week...." I mean seriously slap and double slap the side of my face and wake me up.

Whether it is the stress from work or the lack of sleep something has crept inside of me and turned me upside down.

I came home last night and cracked the wine bottle open the minute I stepped in the door.

Then I spent twenty minutes looking for the missing cork that had so sneakishly rolled behind the candy jar.

Help. Please. Help. Me.

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I am overwhelmed, stressed and mentally drained. I am doing my best to breathe, remain calm and keep a positive outlook on life.

A lot of you have really helped me over the period of time that I have had this blog and I am forever grateful.

I am hoping to spend an hour or two catching up on your blogs and writing more "non-venting" posts.

If I only had an in-home therapist to guide me in the right direction.

One more day.....I think I can....I think I can.....I think I can.....

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  1. I hear you. Hang in there. I'm feeling the same way right now... I just realized I have Bloglovin' blog posts to that's probably not happening anytime soon!


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