Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Highlights

How many of you log onto your computer and then spend an hour browsing until your little blog post is created? That would be me.
I spend more time reading your little pieces of art before I create my own almost every time.
It must be the motivation or the feeling I get from them.
To a certain extent I feel like I am part of a team. I may not be a quarterback or captain but I sure feel like I am apart of something.
Anytime someone tells me they read my post, loved a picture I took or spent time reading Wide Open Spaces it makes my day, week and month!
This week I felt a tremendous amount of compassion, love and gratitude towards others.
Yesterday I wrote about the #payitforward movement and today I am back with some good news!
Wait for it.....
Linking up with Lauren here are my top five highlights of the week!

1. The parents at Madison's dance company were allowed to join the kiddos in class this week. Which could only mean one thing. I turned into mama paparazzi and took a million and one photos and videos.
2. I accidentally stumbled upon a great deal on these red flats to compliment my little black dress. I have a wedding I am attending tomorrow so these worked out perfectly. I have the cutest pair of red heels but I will be on my feet for hours so I figured why not be stylish and comfortable.
3. My addiction to Starbucks has only helped the people around me this week. Due to the #payitforward moment that Starbucks is participating in I decided to join in! I paid for the woman's order behind me! The cashier was so overwhelmed by my kindness that she gave me a free pumpkin cookie! It pays to be nice!
4. Madison is obsessed with the Polar Express movie, so I purchased tickets for us to take a train ride on November 30th with Mr and Mrs Claus! The train ride will include hot chocolate, a present, a snack and THE RETURN OF MISS LUCY (Madison's elf on the shelf) Details to come!
5. Madison caught a cold this week and ended up with an ear infection. A trip to the doctor and amoxicillin did the trick! She is back to normal and doing great! Yay!
I don't quite know what this weekend has in store for me but I am planning on enjoying every minute of it!
Check back Monday for more weekend shenanigans!


  1. I had no idea about Starbucks Pay it Forward program but how great is that! Also, that train ride sounds so sweet to do with your daughter!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I LOVE the Pay It Forward program! Definitely makes me proud to patron Starbucks (more than I should, but whatever). Oh, and how adorable is Madison in that tutu?! Have a great weekend!

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