Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking For A Little More...

Happy Monday! This weekend has felt a bit strange for me. Given that the Christmas blues lasted a few days and then the new years holiday is tonight I have been caught up in this weird realm of feelings. All I have on my mind is how I can make this year better than the last? What can I change about myself to better my attitude and self being? What can I do for others? What's the next step for me, my daughter and husband? Who can I trust to continue to be a part of my life? What is the best path to take and what will the results be? (This will all be continued tomorrow when I list my new years resolutions and what my plan is for 2013) Hopefully you will enjoy following me as I grow and become a more experienced blogger, wife, mother and woman.

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The good: I had a few great tasting drinks this weekend! I rarely drink but when I do it's normally something fruity and frozen! I enjoyed a night out with the family, a great lunch with my mom and an even more fabulous dinner with a great friend!

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Ruby Tuesday

The bad: I have been struggling in the friendship department. What do people expect? What makes you a good friend? How does someone decide who their best friend is? What are values others look for in a person? I have been doing some deep self/friendship evaluation lately and one of the things I am missing is a real, genuine, close and loving friendship.

The bad: On Christmas Eve Lucy (Our Elf On The Shelf) left for the North Pole. She left a note and her friend TJ (to make up for the emotional break down Madison was going to have on behalf of Lucy's departure) behind to look after Madison throughout the year. When we got TJ he kicked his feet, talked to Madison and sang songs, as of this weekend he has stopped working. I checked online and at the store where I bought TJ and there are no more available. Madison just thinks TJ is asleep or is being very quiet. Sweet girl. I wish somehow TJ would start working again. Sad mommy moment.

Well that concludes my weekend highlights. How was your weekend? I hope to have you back here tomorrow to hear more about my 2013 goals, hopes and wishes for a better year! Thank you my dear followers, it really means a lot to have bloggy friends who care :)
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Oh my goodness I am jumping with happiness inside because it's already Friday and it feels like Tuesday! Being that I only worked yesterday, it made for a very short week. No complaints here!

I'm linking up with the fabulous Lauren to bring you my highlights of the week! If you haven't checked her blog out go now! Click here!
1. Santa brought me a book I have been scoping out Blog Inc! I had read on someone else blog to take a look at this. I haven't started reading it but I figured it's worth a try!
2. It was nice to be able to leave the house, even if it was for work. I even got to make a Starbucks run! The city workers of Indy sure pulled through for us daily commuters!
3. Our family had a very merry Christmas! Madison had a blast and we were able to save up enough money throughout the year to give gifts to all of our family. God has blessed us this year.

4. During my time off I was able to experiment with my new nail tape. Making a striped design with two colors of nail polish. For my first attempt I would say they came out pretty good.

5. Yay I finally got my hair done! I decided for winter to do something a little different and go darker. It is actually brown and blonde. Highlights and low lights. The picture is a little blurry because of course Madison and I love to take self pictures of ourselves. Excuse the cleavage shot. Whoops!
That about sums up my week! Christmas, a snowy blizzard day off of work, self pics, hair cut and lots of QT with the family. I do have to say a girls night out with the besties sounds amazing right now. Mama needs her own alone girlie time!
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Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Much Snow?!?!?

Yesterday was very enjoyable due to the fact that I was off of work and was able to enjoy the day with Madison. The bad part of the day was the report from the weather channel: 

...BLIZZARD WARNING IS CANCELLED... (Finally, it had been in effect since 5pm Tuesday afternoon)







 So needless to say we had a blizzard! 10-15 inches depending on what area you were in. We were snowed in! We were urged to stay off the roads unless absolutely needed. Which for me, I have an anxiety attack even thinking about snow, so I was more than glad to stay inside and become a hermit.

The good part of the day was this:

We made a freezing, blizzard, windy day a great one! One of the few days I have gotten off this year and it felt great! I got a lot accomplished around the house and we were warm and safe at home. Loved having a SNOW DAY!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WILW: What I'm Loving Wednesday!

As I sit here on this fine Tuesday night (I know I am blogging ahead) only because we are predicted to get three to five inches of snow by 8am and ten to fifteen by 7pm. Wah wah! I have to be at work at 8am and with it taking me an hour and a half to get to work after only 2 inches of snow last Thursday, I might be doomed.
I don't know about you but I am having postpartum Christmas blues. All the planning and excitement and then in a few short hours it all comes to an end. Where do we go from here? I guess focus on whatever else it is we love to do to pass the days!
So I will redirect my blah attitude and focus on other things that make me go yeeehhhee or put a smile upon my face!
I'm linking up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday" to share what I've been loving lately.....

I'M LOVING matching Christmas manicured nails with my love bug!

I'M LOVING Christmas at my parents! Their tree displays the cutest ornaments, an organized arrangement of presents and the room is filled with love, laughter and life! I couldn't have been blessed with a more perfect family. (The only thing missing was my sister, sad face)

I'M LOVING the random Kodak moments of life. This displays the "Gangsta Style" sassitude that my daughter randomly has. The hubs had to join in on the action. I think I laughed hysterically at Madison's snarled up little face!

I'M LOVING that Lucy's (Madison's Elf On The Shelf) farewell letter was a success! Her departure went smoothly and the arrival of her little friend TJ was an exciting time for Madison!

(Madison, Lucy and TJ)

I'M LOVING my matching kitchen towel set and apron that my mom bought me! I mean what girl doesn't wine constantly?!?!?!?

I'M LOVING that after Christmas day was done and over with I was able to kick my feet up and relax with my new fuzzy socks and comfy house shoes.

Last but not least I'M LOVING the fact that while typing this blog I received a phone call from my boss letting me know that due to the winter blizzard warning and snow coming our way,
Just to give you a little background about the company I work for, WE NEVER CLOSE DOWN! THIS IS EPIC. Can you tell by the SHOUTY CAPITOLS? I am a little excited.  Ahhhh I guess I can now spend all day tomorrow relaxing and getting this house back in order!
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas :)

I am taking a break from writing to enjoy the day with my family.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
I will be back Wednesday for the "What I'm Loving" link up!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Monday GBU

Merry Christmas Eve! Are you as excited as I am to share Christmas with your loved ones? Now don't let me mislead you into thinking that I won't be a frazzled stressed out mess until tomorrow evening! I guess I will enjoy my last few hours until the Christmas chaos begins!
I'm linking up on this blistering cold winter day with Kate and Kati to bring you Monday's GBU. Basically I share with you what the good, bad and ugly of my weekend consisted of.

So here are the highlights of my weekend:

THE GOOD: ALL of my Christmas gifts are wrapped!

THE BAD: Not being able to buy more for my family and friends. I always, always wish I could do more for others.

THE UGLY: Lucy (The Elf On The Shelf) returns to the North Pole tonight. Madison has grown VERY attached to her little elf friend. I went and bought a new elf that talks, kicks it feet and moves to keep Madison company while Lucy is away for the year. I have a note prepared for Lucy's departure and the arrival of the new elf friend. (I will report back on how well/bad this went).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve and a Very Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Ahhh the long awaited day has finally came! Friday. The last day of my work week. The last day before my exciting 4 day weekend starts! I have a lot to be excited about! So let me share my top five wonderful moments that happened in my little universe this week!

1. I printed out these adorable little movie tickets and stuck them in a gift bag. I put Lucy (our elf on the shelf) next to the bag and sat the bag in Madison's car seat. She came out from daycare and went to get in the car and was surprised to find the tickets, a stuffed dog and a note saying "From Santa and Lucy". This made her day. We took my mom to the movies and spent the night wearing goofy 3D glasses, stuffing our faces with popcorn and laughing at one of the best Disney movies made.
(Although Madison was very antsy and talkative, we made it, and she was happy.)

2. With the exception of about three gifts, I am done with all Christmas shopping! I am planning to hit up a couple of stores this weekend and call it a Merry Christmas! I have already wrapped all of Madison's gifts so I at least have a head start on that! The countdown for our family is on!

3. "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!" This is what Madison says every time she catches Lucy pulling some kind of stunt. I attached nerf darts to Lucy's head as antennas, placed a dart in her hand, laid out magnets that said "Embrace My World" along with other short phrases and covered our television in darts! Ha ha. It was exciting putting it all together because I just know how Madison reacts. She does the whole flop her head back, slap her knee and laugh kinda thing. It's quite cute! Having Lucy around has made our days very interesting to say the least.

4. Oh how I LOVE these kiddos! I don't get to see my nephews as much as I would like but when I do it's so much fun! They are full of energy, spirit and happiness. Madison does the instant clap her hands as fast as she can while jumping up and down as soon as she sees them. They are all at that perfect age. Christmas is going to be a blast this year!

5. I have started receiving my Christmas cards! I opened one from my grandfather and he had written a check for Madison and I to split. Oh how grateful I am to have a loving family. His generosity has really helped me get through the holiday this year. How do you repay someone who has everything, says they need nothing and who would give you everything they had? I love all of the people in my life!

I had a fabulous week! So much to be happy for! What's going on in your little universe? Care to share? Link up with Lauren like I did and share your stories!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Birchbox Review 12'

I have read numerous beauty blogs and the word "Birchbox" kept coming up. I became very intrigued. Now I know to many of you, you are probably thinking wow this girl is just hearing about this? Well, yes this is true. I have actually had my account open with Birchbox for about 2 months now but never received the invite request. Until now! So here I am to review about my first Birchbox. Now being that I am already signed up with Ipsy and their Glam Bags I have to say I favor them a little more. I am willing to give Birchbox a chance and see what all the rave is about. Hopefully I become even more satisfied with their product samples.
I do have to be completely honest and say that for my first Birchbox I was not at all impressed by one item. Which is kind of a downer for me because I really had high expectations. Wah wah.

The box that I received was #18:
The Birchbox included the following samples:

Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture perfume ($90/3.4 oz)
Juicy's signature fragrance is a blend of sweet and floral notes.
 Sophisticated and feminine. If you are not a daily user of perfume, you will find this quite strong. So one spray will satisfy your needs. I like the scent but this wouldn't be something I would run out to buy right away. Or maybe ever.

Sample size: 0.05 oz
Sample value: $1.32

Mox Botanicals - Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter ($16/0.2 oz)
This eco-chic balm revives lips with avocado oil and shea butter.
I found this to be amazing when you first put it on but it actually only lasts about 15 minutes before your lips are calling for another drink of water!

Sample size: 0.1 oz
Sample value: $8

Number 4 - Clarifying Shampoo ($32/250 ml)
  Gentle enough for everyday use, this unique cleanser features a low-suds formula that removes build up without stripping hair of essential oils.
(I have yet to use this. I do experiment alot with hair products so I am interested in finding out how great this works.) There isn't a strong scent to the shampoo either. Which usually sells me on the product.

Sample size: 52 ml
Sample value: $6.66

theBalm Cosmetics - Hot Mama ($20/7.08 g)
The flattering pigment is laced with faint golden shimmer to add warmth to your complexion.
Don't you just LOVE the tiny box! This shade adds a hint of color to your complexion leaving your skin softened and simple.

Sample size: 1 g
Sample value: $2.82

Beauty Extra - Tweezerman Filemate ($5/1 file)
There is no greater tragedy than a broken nail.  I've already added this patterned file to my purse to fix mani mishaps.

Sample size: 1 file
Sample value: $5

Total box value: $23.80

Which Birchbox did you receive and what did you think about your products? I would love to hear your comments!



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's Not To Love?

Happy Wednesday! Well the countdown has began! It's officially 6 days until Christmas! Whoa! I cannot wait! I know there are a lot of you out there struggling to focus throughout the day. I know I am! All the thoughts of last minute items to buy, the piles of gifts that need wrapping, the few activities left to do with the kiddos and the ultimate stress: how much money is now NOT in our accounts! It all becomes totally worth it when you see that glow in someones eye or see their face light up with excitement. Besides the main reason behind the wonderful holiday, there is so much to be grateful for. Especially life itself. So just another reason why its the perfect day to link up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

Here's what I'm loving this week...

I'M LOVING...My Birchbox! I received this beauty box subscription for the first time and I love the products that were included! A full review coming soon!

I'M LOVING...Madison's crafts she brings home from daycare! Creative, sweet and heartfelt. What's not to love?

I'M LOVING...Pina Coladas! I went out with a friend for dinner and decided to treat myself to this frozen, delicious treat. Slurped the whole thing down to the last drop! Yummo!

I'M LOVING...Neighborhood Christmas decorations! Madison and I went on a walk with my hubs grandma around her neighborhood. This had to be one of the more creative ones. Madison always gets super excited when she sees them. You know that "Hey mom, mom, look, mom, mom, look, hey mom, look, look!" Yeah that's basically how the entire walk went. I wouldn't trade her or those moments for anything in the world.

And here are some of my weekly finds on Pinterest that I found myself loving more than others...

I'M LOVING...these amazing cookies! Bright and colorful. Looks yummy too! Can't wait to find the recipe!

I'M LOVING...Champagne Jello Shots! What a great idea for New Years Eve!

I'M LOVING...Gifts! Random acts of kindness always lift the spirits of others and yourself. Leaving a small note or bag like this show people you are thinking about them and care. Have you brightened someone's day with a random act of kindness?

I'M LOVING...Fifty Shades Of Gray! Need I say more?
I'M LOVING...Sweetopia! I mean seriously?!?!? Do cookies get any cuter than this? They look incredible! I have been a fan of this site for a long time and the treats keep getting better and better!

What are you loving today?