Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday, Is That You?

Yep, that pretty much sums up it up :)
Okay not entirely but pretty close!
The work week has been a little on the boring side with the upcoming holiday week ahead so the typical 8-5 has been uneventful.
I find myself looking forward to lunch breaks and walks to the bathroom to clear my mind and take deep breaths.

On the other hand lots of good things have happened this week and that brings me to my "High Five For Friday!"

High Five #1:
My sister, seen in this crib with me practicing my model pose, became a married woman Wednesday! Marrying her sweetheart in Colorado, she looked amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it and see the beautiful pictures!

High Five #2:
Yesterday it was announced by Focus Features that Fifty Shades Of Grey the movie would hit theatres August 1, 2014!! I think a lot of us have been waiting for this news for awhile!

High Five #3:
In the meantime, I will be spending the next week reading the next book in Sylvia Day's Crossfire series! Entwined With You HAS to be just as good as the other two within this series! I am eager to start reading it!

High Five #4:
This weekend Madison will get to celebrate with her daycare BFF Cash. She spent about an hour and a half picking out presents for Cash. She is quite the shopper but is not a very good decision maker. She HAD to find the perfect gifts for her main squeeze :)

High Five #5:
With no dance class and an entire week with no evening plans I had the time to swing by the store and spoil myself with a steak dinner. It takes a lot in me to spend that much money on meat/dinner but it was worth every single penny. Delish!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Never To Late: Throwback Thursday

Exciting news!!
Yesterday my sister got married!
I couldn't be happier for her!
From her makeup, hair and stunning dress she was drop dead gorgeous!
She and her husband decided to get hitched in Colorado and take a three week trip to California and Canada, lucky dogs! So unfortunately we were unable to be a part of the wedding celebration but we sent our love their way!!
Knowing like every other girl that she weeded out the dweebs and found her one true love is amazing!
It feels just like yesterday that she stood outside of my mother's house dancing back and forth while singing "Personality, what! Personality, what!" No one will understand this except for our immediate family members but it gives us a great laugh anytime the story is told.
This Throwback Thursday post of course is about my sister and I.
I don't have too many old pictures of us but I will start by saying this...Don't ever let me dye my hair brown again! This is what happens:
I must have thought I was SO cute then but now, WOAH what a reality check! And the double chin! Yikes! I NEVER EVER (Taylor Swift style) EVER want to look like this again!
Isn't my sister adorable? Her high school days and looking all young and innocent. Man those were the days!
5 years ago I married my husband and my sister was one of my bridesmaids. It makes me feel SO old knowing she is a Mrs. now (tear)
 We haven't been the closest of sisters and I always wish for the day that this will change but she is thought of each and every day and I wish her the best with everything.
She is a remarkable, smart and wonderful person inside and out.
I am very lucky to call her my sister :)
Knowing that I had the love and support from her on my wedding day meant a lot.
 Between my mom, my sister and my daughter I think we have a great group of ladies here!
Although my sister continues to make the choice to not have any children I think we will still nag her about it just knowing how awesome her children would be if she decided to change her mind :)
This Thursday is dedicated to all of the wonderful years I have shared with my sister and hopefully to growing a stronger bond between the two of us. It's NEVER too late.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Twitter Glitter

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Party In The U.S.A

Can you believe that next week we will be celebrating the fourth of July!
 I mean is time going by in warp speed or is it just me?
 Well at least between the hours of 5 and midnight are!
The typical 8-5 work day not so much.
 What does that mean for me?
A four day weekend is right around the corner! Whoo hoo!! Yes, you heard me 4 days off!
Time to break out the happy dance!

In the blogosphere, it seems as though us ladies can all agree on two things we love:
Dessert and beverages!
So what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday and "What I'm Loving Wednesday" then with a  little patriotic goodness.
If these yummy delights don't get your taste buds jumping and bellies growling I don't know what will!

















What do you have planned for the holiday?
Any family traditions?
Do you have any homemade recipes you would like to share?
Send me an email and we can set up a guest post!
Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All She Wants To Do Is Dance

A year ago we decided to enroll Madison into dance. I wanted her to step out of her comfort zone and become more social. Madison is very shy around people she doesn’t know and starts to shut down when put in an unfamiliar environment.

The entire first 6 weeks of dance Madison would not let me leave the dance room. Parents were instructed to leave the room so the children could learn to become more independent. Thankfully the instructor allowed me to stay in the room.

The first three weeks Madison needed me every session. I either had to hold her hand or stand right next to her and do the dances with her. Talk about embarrassing and awkward. I just wanted my little girl to succeed and to not be so shy.

Within the next two weeks I began to preach to Madison that she would be fine without me and that I would stay in the room but I would sit at the back of the room. If she couldn’t handle that then I would have to leave the classroom entirely. Madison accepted the proposal and began to latch onto the instructor instead. She began to dance with the other children and even start talking to them. On the sixth week I let Madison know that I would be leaving the classroom but sitting right outside of the door listening. She was a little hesitant but remained calm and went into class all alone!!

This was a hurdle that we had overcome and I couldn’t have been more excited! After class I rewarded her with ice cream and applauded and praised her all night.

In December, Madison performed in front of a huge audience at a local performing arts center. She danced to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and rocked it! She remembered every dance move and even smiled the entire dance! Bringing tears to my eyes and a joy to my heart I couldn’t have been any more proud of my little dancing queen!

This past weekend Madison performed on the same stage to “Under The Sea” a Little Mermaid routine and a finale dance with the entire dance company! She looked stunning in her gorgeous costume and her smile was contagious! Excited days before, she kept asking “Is it time for me to be on stage yet?” She loved every moment of it and so did I!

I still cannot believe that a year ago I couldn’t get her to dance, speak or go in the classroom alone and here we are today with two performances successfully completed and another year to begin in July! If it weren’t for her lovely instructor Alicia PanKonie and her wonderful dance company, Dance Connection Madison would have never grown into the fabulous dancer and social butterfly she is today!