Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Loving Memory

If you haven't heard yet our blog buddy Rachel Silski from Madison, West Virginia over at Rachel's Country Roots had a tragedy in her family. Her nephew, Dax, was killed by a fatal gunshot wound. You can read a couple of the news articles circulating here or Dax's Obituary if you'd like more information on it.

The reason I wanted to reach out was to ask if you'd be willing to help. Dax's mom doesn't have life insurance on Dax so right now the family is trying to put together some money so they can have a funeral for the twelve year old son. We're putting together a large lump sum of money that will be donated to her family and would like to include you! We're going to be donating it as "your blog friends" or something similar and then possibly include first names of individuals if you'd like.

To donate I'd ask that you paypal the money to me: 

Please select "gift" so there are no charges on the transaction. Also please put in the note of the paypal transaction that it's for Dax and then let me know if you're wanting to remain anonymous or have your first name listed as a donater to the cause. The amount you donate is up to you, if you can afford even $5 that will make a HUGE difference to the family.

If you'd instead like to find your own way to reach out and let Rachel know we're thinking of her you're welcome to go to the In Memory of Dax Dixon website and donate yourself! We're just wanting to round up a group of people instead to show her that as a blogging community we choose to support her but by all means please just do anything you can to help. We will be making the donation by the end of the day tomorrow as I know the funeral plans are set for Friday.

Rachel is also donating any profits from her store, Country Couture, to the fund so please order something if you'd prefer to do that instead by Friday!! 

We as a blogging community are extremely close and when something this close to home happens to one of our friends we look out for each other! We want to help Rachel's family as much as possible and I know Rachel's family appreciates any effort or amount we give them.

Thank you again for supporting Rachel in any way possible! If you'd like to reach out by sending her a card let me know and I can get your her address as well. I know a couple of us bloggers were wanting to send her some "thinking of you" gifts or cards so I can get you that information if needed.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From One Blogger To Another

As a "smaller blog" I always wonder to myself what attracts the most attendance daily. Who is reading and who isn't. What other bloggers schedules are like and what I am doing the same/different.

I have sponsored a few blogs since I stepped onto this platform and have a gained a few bloggy friends. I have found a trend over the last year where a few stick around commenting all of the time and then I won't hear from them again. They hang out for a little while and then I wonder where they have been or what they are up to.

I spend a great amount of time on my posts. I usually am brainstorming throughout the day what I will write about next, what kind of audience it will attract and a title (which seems to be the hardest decision of them all).

So here are some questions I have for you:

What were the first steps you took to becoming a "bigger blog"?
Who would you recommend sponsoring?
How did you go about learning the outs and ins of the blogosphere?
What do you know now that you wish you knew then?
Of the followers and readers you have, how many do you talk to often? Do they come back frequently or are they sporadic?
By the looks of my blog, what could I do differently?

If you offer support, help and guidance in growing blogs send me an email. I am searching for the person who will help me grow my blog, become a friend and listen to all of my questions as I am still learning.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Like every event or holiday I do nothing but go all out. I invest the time, money and desire it takes to make it a memorable day. My goal is for everyone to have a lasting memory of what went on that day.

With this being said, Halloween is no different. I have fallen off of the bandwagon of decorating our home with spooky decor but that's because my stock in decorations needs to be replenished.

When it comes to Halloween costumes we love to dress up! I think since having Madison I have only skipped one year.

I want Madison to carry on our traditions to her children and grand kids as well. I want her to enjoy the holidays like I do. My mother spent the same amount of effort invested in the holidays and I still feel like I did when I was a child anytime the holidays come about.

Every year the hubs family and us three meet at his grandmothers house to show off our costumes. Since Madison was born we have always kept her costume a secret from my niece and nephews. It makes it even more of a surprise when we arrive.

We go around the neighborhood and spend about two hours filling Madison's bag with candy. She has been such a trooper in the past three years! No crying, whining or getting scared. She is a brave little girl. I am especially surprised at how much candy she actually receives. I absolutely love that people still participate! I can only reminisce on the fun times I shared with my family and I only want the same for my daughter.

2009: Year Of The Ladybug, Nurse and Rock Zombie

This one melts my heart every time. Madison's Aunt and her sharing Eskimo kisses

2010: Year Of Minnie Mouse, Referee and Killer Nerd

2011: Year Of The Clown, Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" and Scary Hairy Monster

2012: Year Of The Witch with the magnificent light up dress!

Like every other year 2013's costumes will be a surprise as well! I can't wait to share them with you!
What are your Halloween traditions?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Check, Check, Double Check

On any given Monday you can usually catch myself or any other blogger writing a post to recap our weekend.
As I said Friday today's post would be a little different. 
Why not recap all of the productive things accomplished over the weekend? 
Yes, we all love to brag about all of the great partying we did or cool places we visited but what about all the hard work and time we took to complete tasks looming in our minds?
How many of us make a to do list and life gets in the way? Why make a list to just sit it to the side or trash it at a later date.

So, Friday I made that list, checked it twice like Mr. Jolly Santa Claus himself and went to town.

1. I finally got to watch Madison rehearse for her up and coming dance recital at the end of November on Thursday. I recorded the dance and we have practiced for the last two days! I have a lot of confidence that she is going to do very well!

2. As far as my Autumn decor, as much as I want to unload the bins from my basement and decorate the house I feel like Halloween is pretty much the end to that, which occurs in four days. I added it to the list but I am too excited about Christmas to even care about a few fall leaves and pumpkins sitting around.  I made the executive decision to cross this one off.

3. My two bffs are always there for me and I felt the need to let them know. I never see the point in spending $5 on a card that will be thrown in the trash so I decided on an e-card instead. I loved their responses and knowing that I brightened their day!

4. As you can see the "Wall of Fame" (our cork board of loves) is in the process of being updated! I am currently choosing current pictures to add to the board! I finally removed the past ones and cannot wait to share with you the completed project!


(In Progress)

5. I have a hard time picking dates that coordinate with my sisters busy schedule. As a newlywed, she loves her hubby to be so much that we hardly get any girls time! I sent the text and I am awaiting a set date for our girl time! Crossing my fingers it is soon! 

Have you made your "five to try" list? Join the link up here and share your experiences today!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five, The Magic Number

I'm always looking for new things to put on the blog. I read through others posts for inspiration, I scroll the top news feeds of the day and I relate a lot to what is going on in my life to my posts.

Last night while Madison was in her hour dance class I took the time to read up on blog posts written by all of you wonderful people.

That is when I came to Vicki's post and something just clicked. I knew I had to participate and join the link up on Monday. Sometimes I feel like I am running in circles and getting nowhere. I make a to do list and maybe one thing is crossed off. I am notorious for sitting at work the entire day thinking about all of this stuff that I need or want to do but I end up never getting to it.

Why is that? Most of the time other things come up. I pick up another task, spend the night with family or a friend or just slide into my pjs and veg out with Madison as soon as I enter the house.

At the end of a Sunday night I always seem to find myself scrambling to finish my last task or to spend a little more time with Madison or I end up staying up entirely too late and dread it the next morning. Whatever it might be, life is too short to put off things. It is our time to enjoy the little things in life.

So going back to Vicki's post she had a brilliant idea to make a list of five things to try. By only making a list of five things to try it gives myself and other bloggers a manageable list of tasks or things to accomplish. I often expect a lot from myself and end up saying "what if" or "wish that would have happened".
Today is a new day and the weekend brings good opportunity to start this list and by Monday morning feel a great sense of accomplishment.
Here is my list:

1. I want to practice Madison's dance recital routine with her. Up On The House Top is coming November 22nd and I want my little dancing queen to steal the show! (I want to emphazize I am excited for her but this is no "dance moms" or "toddlers and tiaras".

2. It has been fall now for how long and my fall decor is yet to be put out. I plan on this changing.

3. Send my two BFF's encouragement cards

4. I have a cork board in my kitchen that we like to call "The Wall Of Fame". Basically pictures of the "loves" (family and friends) in our lives go here. It is sad to say that by the time I rotate out that board someone has came and went.

5. Plan a girls date with my sister. We had a great three days together a few months back and I am ready for that time again!

We will never get back the time in our lives where we pushed something to the side due to an excuse, task or because we simply didn't get to it. The clock is ticking, why not enjoy every passing moment? The time is now.

What will you do with your time?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Recovery

Recently, I have had many things on my mind and heart that have weighed heavily on me. With all that has been going on, it has been very difficult to make rational decisions based upon the actions that have been taken by others.

I have been and always will be the one who avoids conflict. In most situations I won’t bring something up to someone, give advice (when it may upset someone) or “tell someone off” (especially if needed) because I hate to think of myself as “that” person.

Then I think to myself, what is so bad about being “that” person?

Someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone? Someone who follows their heart and mind and does what is best for the well being of oneself and family? Someone who is strong willed and powerful in their own decision making?

If “that” person is all of this and much more than I hope to become that person. I let my heart lead the way even though my mind is telling me something else and I don’t stand up for myself.

I often wonder when thinking about people, how many true real people they have in their life that they can trust. A small circle or a large circle? If it is a large one, then I am envious because it seems like the older I get the less people I find standing next to me. Now everyone has their opinion of why this could happen but no one but yourself knows the truth regarding your actions towards others.

I feel like no matter what you do for some people, they will continue to look you in the eye and lie. They take advantage of you and manipulate your thoughts making you feel “crazy” or that nothing is really happening.

So while standing back re-evaluating all of my thoughts the only thing that came to my mind was "Must take action now". I needed to confront all who needed to be confronted and that be the end. Or would it be? Then I thought to myself, why? Would this really change a person's attitude or how they would treat me or others? Would all of the negative actions that have been taking place suddenly stop? No, probably not. My feelings inside were due to anger, resentment, and feelings of betrayal.

Instead of becoming a version of myself that I do not like by stooping down to someone else level I will stay true to myself.
Silence speaks volumes and whether or not the big picture is acknowledged or not, I will live each day knowing that I stopped letting people take advantage of me and abuse my friendship and trust.

Some things happen in our lives that wake us up out of a daze and slap us so hard that we realize our self value and worth. Today was my day.

Have you experienced your day? Or are you still waiting for it to happen to you? Don't wait. Take control of your life today and make the changes that are needed in your life before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Me: In A Nutshell

Pamela had this great idea for her post and since it was so brilliant I decided to go along with the idea! The blogosphere has some amazing people within it and the ideas and thoughts that emerge are awesome!
So upon seeing this brilliant post I thought to myself there are a lot of things I see daily that make me think to myself "Yep, that's me!".













It's amazing how pictures like these can point out personality traits and actions within a person.
What have you seen or heard lately that you can completely relate to?