Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Must Haves

With fall being my favorite season of all I get more and more excited every time I see the leaves on a tree change color.
It brings out the beauty in a plain old green and brown tree and for a split second takes your breath away.
There are so many different things about fall that improve my mood and make me love each and every day.
Anytime fall starts to come around, I have a little checklist I keep in mind.
All of the required essentials in my life to make it through another changing season.

Here are my top ten:

1. A scarf is one of the most stylish accessories these days. Ranging from a variety of colors to millions of different fabric choices. I use to never wear scarfs but the more I bought, the more I liked them. As long as it doesn't turn into an addiction like my handbag collection became I think I'll be good.

2. Eye shadow can really make or break a look. I tend to stick to the more natural look on most days. This Sephora pallet has many choices including brown and pink shades along with shimmer shades.

3. Coffee cups! Hello! It's not fall until you begin and end the day with a warm toasty cup of coffee or tea. This mug is to die for! If you haven't checked out Crystal Faye's site I encourage you to do so now.

4. Fall tends to lead into the colder days and nights of the year. I love to wrap myself in my fleece blankets and remain cozy for the entire night.

5. Flats! This girls best friend! I wear flip flops through the entire summer and then when it starts to get cold out I resort to the next best thing.

6. I must be a fan of fleece because even my jackets I want in fleece. I own one fleece hoodie right now and one is NOT enough. The temperatures are starting to fall below fifty and I know for sure that this girl will be freezing her butt off!

7. Fur boots scream fashion all the way around. Madison and I recently bought a pair and could seriously wear them 24/7.

8. Ahhhhh cinnamon candles. The aroma of cinnamon/spice in the air smells amazing! My most favorite thing to do is to light candles and sit back and read a good book while smelling the great scents of fall!

9. With my arrival of Birchbox I finally received an item I have been waiting for all month. Chapstick! My lips have been super dry and the hydrating moisture this little tube provides is great! I am a huge fan!

10. Last but not least, it only took me an hour and something to try and build a fire. Trust me, easier said than done. This should be one of the tasks that only a man takes care of.

What must haves are on your list?

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