Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Hair Prayer

Every couple of months I get in the mood to change my hair.
Shorter, longer, brunette, blonde, highlights, lowlights, layers, straight etc.
I am very much in need of a color, cut and style.

I recently met someone that I wanted to take straight to the hair salon with me and say to my hair stylist "Do this to my hair".

Perfect length, perfect color and I if I could only style it the same way would be a perfect fit for me.

I usually spend weeks looking for the cut I am in the mood for and then a couple of more weeks searching for the color.

I am a natural blonde but while pregnant with Madison my hair began to darken and became even darker after she was born. I usually stick with my blonde color and add a few highlights but for fall I am really wanting a change.

I am not want to make a HUGE change with my hair but a little difference could make all the difference in my opinion.

I did at one point go out on a limb and do the dark brunette color but as you can see, this was at a time of chubby cheeks and pale skin which was not very flattering.

Over the years I have had different styles and colors but they have remained consistent.

 Layered, blonde and highlights
 Short, layered and all blonde

 Short, layered, curly and blonde
 Straight, a few layers and all blonde

The most thin my hair has ever been. I don't know how or when it happened but almost all of my hair fell out. I am still to this day trying to get it back to normal thickness.

 Short, layered, caramel and brown lowlights.

 Long, barely layered and all blonde

 Long, scrunched and all blonde

 Short, layered and lowlights

 Straight, highlights and barely any layers

And here I am hair is growing by the second and the color didn't come out as planned during this last salon visit.

I am now on the hunt for something new and stylish yet simple to accomplish. Any advice? Which of the above looks the best? Do you have one stylist? How do you guide that person in the right direction?

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  1. Love the 4th pic with the straight, short, all blonde hair (red shirt)! Looks great! I actually just got mine done last night and went much darker with red and light brown highlights :) And lots of layers!!!


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