Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Keep Watching

With Halloween quickly approaching I have been indulging in scary movies.
I ask myself every time why I torture myself.
I go to bed checking and re-checking the locks, turn out the lights and run to bed and look over my shoulder when I leave for work in the dark.
As much as I love the movies it does wig me out for the next few days.
On Tuesday nights it is a routine of mine that I rent a movie and relax. I decided upon The Purge. If you haven't watched the movie or heard about it, watch this trailer:

Interesting right? Could you imagine? It got me thinking about the government shutdown, the people of the United States voting for our president and many many more subjects that are too debatable for this blog.
I like to keep drama and posts that cause very opinionated comments off of Wide Open Spaces.
I do recommend the movie. It made me jump, caused me to look away at certain parts and also yes I did check the locks, three times. Better safe, than sorry.

Over the years there are a handful of movies that have really gotten to me. They scared the crap out of me and made me want to disown horror movies for life. So, if you are looking for a few good scary movies, here are my top five in no particular order:

Paranormal Activity 1-5

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Saw 1: After the first I lost interest. They became a little too predictable
Scream: Like Saw, after the first they became a little cheesy but watching the first one for the first time, goose bumps and head under the covers for sure happened!
I still to this day look over my shoulder at night, check the door locks a hundred times and any noise I hear I jump.
I hardly ever stay home alone and when I do all the lights stay on and my bedroom door is open so I hear everything.
This time of year I will watch more scary movies and freak myself out but there is something intriguing about them.
I try not to watch too many due to the nightmares I have had. Primarily about not being able to run while someone is chasing me or unable to scream with I am captured.
Just talking about it makes me uneasy.
Once October has ended I will go back to searching for romance, comedies and drama flicks.
Until then, I'll be under the covers, eyes peeking over and jumping like a scaredy cat!

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  1. The Strangers was the movie that scared me more than anything. It seemed to be something that I could actually see happening. And of course the Paranormal ones gave me chills for days!


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