Friday, January 31, 2014

Yeah, What Miley Said

I've had a pretty rough week, emotionally. It's been all I can do to keep it together. You could say my stress and anxiety has taken over. Between what I discussed here yesterday and a ton of other things I began to shutdown. I put that fake smile on, hold my head high and pretend everything is ok. It really hasn't been. You know the positive people that never seem to get down about anything yeah I wanted to run for the hills anytime we came into contact.
Although I've had these issues this week, somehow I'm keeping my faith that everything will work out and that my thoughts can be put at ease. I always seem to turn my mood around on Fridays anyways so it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. . To begin this process and focus on what good comes from all negative I'll begin with my positives this week....

1. School was out on Monday and Madison was reunited with her daycare bff. They are two peas in a pod and have now for the past four days been asked "when am I staying the night with him?" Kids don't forget anything do they?

2. Cupcakes. Red icing, chocolate cake, yummy delicious cakes. Need I say more?

3. Self reflection. Preparing myself for the future, realizing some things I need to change and spending less time over analyzing every situation has been my goal this month. I'm sure working hard and I'm hoping my efforts pay off.

4. Although it seems like winter may last until July, I have spent three days this week at the gym where I also get some shut eye in this bad baby! It's so nice to feel heat again! Who else is counting the days until summer?? I've been pale and cold for far too long!!

5. Can you believe Madison made it to her 100th day of school? It started off as an emotional roller coaster but she has done awesome this year! She's made a ton of friends and every morning I hardly get a kiss and hug goodbye. It's bittersweet!

I have to keep reminding myself that there is a lesson to be learned in all situations and that when things seem bad that everything happens for a reason. . If you are going through a hard time or you feel like you are at your breaking point, with a little work and determination you can make it through anything. One thing Miley Cyrus did get right "Keep the faith, keep your faith."

Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Do Parent's Do It

Hand raised in the air, I'm a mom, yep that's me.
A full time, working mother that is and I have a dilemma.

With Madison starting kindergarten this next school year I have a few complicated scenarios to overcome.

1. She isn't within any school boundary that we wish to send her to.
2. She has no ride to and from school or a place to stay before or after school.
3. Did I mention she is already going to be five and starting kindergarten? Ugh! Where did the time go?

So I sit here thinking to myself, what do all of the other millions of working parents do? No school ends at 5:30 and begins at 7am. Thousands of children attend school and have someone to watch over them.
Thankfully we have had family step up and help out on snow days and half days throughout her preschool year but who wants the guilt of burdening family with their own issues?
I try my best to find alternatives before asking anyone for help but sometimes I feel like my hands are tied.

While the registration process for the new school year has already began I am left wondering how these problems will be solved and what decision will be made in the best interest of everyone.

Most importantly, I am concerned for the safety and well being of Madison and what kind of education she receives. On the other hand, the guilt that comes with burdening family with our numerous requests weighs heavy on my heart.

While I say a little prayer and hope that everything works out for the best I will also be a stressed out hot mess until it happens because that's just who I am.

To all the parent's out there, have you been through this?
How did you overcome it?
Are you a worried parent going through the same situation?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Overstuffed Pizza Bites

I'm constantly looking for new recipes and budget friendly meals. I mean who isn't? The less I spend at the store the happier I am . This past grocery visit was the most successful visit I've had in a long time. I had a list, researched all of my meals and for once was more organized than usual. This impacted my grand total and how long the food has lasted. Looking for a yummy meal while only spending a couple of dollars? Here it is!

Overstuffed Pizza Bites


1 can of refrigerated pizza dough
3 tablespoons mozzarella cheese
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
8 to 12 oz mozzarella cheese cubed
Pepperoni slices
1 tablespoon melted butter


Preheat oven to 425
Unroll pizza dough and lay on a floured flat surface. Roll out the pizza dough into a 12 x 18 rectangle. 
Cut into even squares
Brush melted butter to coat on both
Place three pepperoni slices, two slices of mozzarella cheese with a sprinkle of garlic powder on top of the dough. 
Take each corner of the dough and carefully wrap each side into one another and make a crease at each side. 
Place each stuffed biscuit into a round baking pan and bake for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. 
Serve with a garden, Caesar or Greek salad and Voila! 

Enjoy ;)
Have you prepared a new recipe lately? 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gym Bag Essentials

Here lately I have a new obsession, the gym! I love the positive atmosphere, trying new workout routines and of course you can't beat the $20 a month tanning! Of course within my first week of visiting the gym I found myself needing a few things! If you are new to the gym or are thinking about joining, here are a few gym bag essentials!

Headbands: Whether you are tanning or running on the treadmill every girl needs their hair to be out of their face! These no slip workout headbands keep all of your hair back while also adding a hint of color to your workout outfit.
Deodorant wipes: The first time I used these I received them in my Birchbox or Ipsy bag. The small wipes are the same size as the hand sanitizer wipes at restaurant. The wipes keep you fresh and prevent perspiration!

Of course you will need a gym bag to carry all of your belongings in. Isn't this one from VS absolutely beautiful? I am a bag lady so I am in much need of this one!

Do I really need to say anymore about these towels? They speak for themselves!!
Add caption
I always have a fear of leaving something out in public. My keys, purse, billfold etc...well this little accessory keeps everything in the same spot. I recently started drinking water so having a cute fashionable cup present makes it a little easier.

For me drowning out the rest of the world while I workout works best. I am able to get into my groove and get to burning calories! Who doesn't love to rock out?!?

The most comfortable clothing item on the planet is yoga pants. So working out in them is even better. They don't stick to you or rise up. They are perfect. I'm not a sports kinda gal so I stick to anything that feels just like pajamas :)

Last but not least not all of us prefer the IPhone. This means not not liking Apple products. That would be me. So as "plugged" in as I am I need something to store my Android phone/music into. This is where the armband comes into play. You can run, walk and even lift weights with it connected to you.

What's in your gym bag?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Of A Princess

Currently, you may be able to hear the chattering of my teeth. The high for today is five degrees and tonight it is supposed to be negative eleven. Not cool. Not cool at all. Is anyone else wishing for spring, summer or a vacation to an exotic island?

For the past three days I have been a productive busy little lady! Let me give you the rundown of what all has been happening in my little world....

Here lately my life and mind has been consumed by the gym. I am addicted. I pin gym related outfits and workouts. I'm eating healthier as much as I can and all I want to do is spend time on the treadmill. I love it. I know it's not much but I'm taking baby steps so I'm not miserable the next day. I walked a brisk walk with a friend and made it to 2.14 miles before we called it quits and moved onto another machine. I'm still high fiving myself. 

A friend of mine and I attended my company holiday party where I picked up the most improved award. I usually see this award as being given to a new employee but being described as " a person who stepped up their game, was someone anyone could turn to and a team player" it made me feel good when I accepted the award. 

Thanks to my mom she surprised Madison with tickets to Disney's princesses on ice! We sat third row from the ice and had a ton of fun! One of the best shows yet!

Ending the weekend I picked up my usual Starbucks order, white chocolate mocha and spent time making bracelets with Madison. Her new hobby is creating one in every color combination. Too cute for words. She's a crafty little thing! 

I'm off to work, I may or may not freeze to death before I make it there!! Wish me luck! Happpppppy Mmmmmonday!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thumbs Up: H54F

1. The top highlight of my week was when I acknowledged my fears and challenged myself to overcome them. Not just one fear but a few. I can say I'm not completely over all of my anxiety but baby steps is what I needed to start with. I joined Planet Fitness as you may have read here and enjoyed myself more than I had expected. The tanning beds are amazing, the staff was very friendly and everything was clean and maintained. I'll be posting more about this later.

2. Little moments like finding the time to give yourself a mani make all of the difference in the world. I hardly make it to bed before eleven which means in order for this to happen I would be up after midnight. I'm thankful for a much more organized week to allow this personal time.

3. I've started planning Madison's birthday! Even though it is at the the end of April it seems like it sneaks up out of nowhere and I'm rushing around putting it all together. She picked out the theme and her cake and is super pumped about all of the surprises in store! I can't wait to share more details!

4. As I shared last week I decided to try a new foundation. Let me tell you I am in LOVE! The product blends evenly, covers my imperfections and matches my skin color exactly. I highly encourage those of you who don't like liquid foundation to try it!

5. A co-worker surprised me yesterday by giving me a Starbucks gift card! It's the little things in life that happen that make you smile. I'm so grateful for these kinds of gestures. It just proves there is still kindness among others.

This weekend we are very excited to be attending the Disney on Ice show! Madison has been counting down the days and to be honest so have I! There is nothing better then seeing your child's face light up!

Cheers to another week down and a fabulous weekend ahead!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Anyone who knows me knows I am a veggie/fruit kind of girl. I rarely find myself wanting meat. Unless it is steak of course then I want that any day. While sticking to my New Years plan to cook more at home, that meant finding recipes that weren't made for a vegetarian.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Cream Cheese

With only four ingredients this meal came together pretty quick!


1 chicken breast
2 tablespoons cream cheese
1 tablespoon green onion, chopped
2 slices of bacon, partially cooked


Flatten out the chicken breast until it is 1/4" thick

Combine the green onion and cream cheese together and mix well

Spread the mixture over one side of the chicken breast

Roll the chicken breast up to conceal the cream cheese

Wrap the partially cooked bacon around the chicken and secure with a toothpick

Place on a baking sheet and bake for approximately 35 minutes at 375

Broil for 5 to 10 minutes or until the bacon is crisp

Pair with your favorite sides and enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kicking My Phobia To The Curb

There are a few things in my life that I've always wanted to do but have never done. I make up an excuse or psyche myself out of accomplishing my goal over silly reasons. As of Monday night, one of my goals has crept out from the shadows and saw the light.
I am now a member of Planet Fitness!

I never saw it coming but with motivation from my friends and family I figured "why not?" This all kind of goes back to my We Bought A Zoo post. I needed those twenty seconds of courage!

If the weather cooperates and all goes as planned I will be stepping into the gym for the first time in almost five years, maybe even longer.

I've already taken baby steps to improve my health. Making dinners at home, buying more fruits and veggies, drinking fewer lattes and gasp I may start adding water to my diet.

The major point in all of this is my phobia. It's more of a social thing. One on one I'm fine. Get me in a room of five or more and I freak out. This is the girl who won't walk into a gas station alone much less a gym. The thought of it gives me goosebumps. I feel like everyone will stare and judge. Something inside of me wants to scream.

Questions run through my mind as I'm sure this is common with all new gym members:
How do I or will I use the gym equipment?
How do I calm myself down to really enjoy this experience?
Are there others that feel like I do?

The list continues from there....

I'm really hoping with this recent movement in my life that this social awkwardness will fade. I'm hoping to meet new friends, gain more confidence, tone my body and take that leap of faith that I've avoided for far too long.

Are you a new gym member? Have you experienced this phobia? How did you overcome these feelings? What's the best thing you have gained from the gym experience?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go Get Em Tigress

Here it is, my January Birchbox. I can say I'm not too thrilled about the beauty subscription once again. I am now shopping the beauty market for something more relatable to my liking.

Here's what I received in my box:

1. 100% Fruit Pigmented Mascara-$18
I wasn't very impressed with this mascara. The sample was of tiny size making it hard to use more then a couple of times. I'm also a mascara snob so if you aren't very picky you might be ok with this product.

2. Just Candlenut Body Creme-$35
The first thing that I noticed was the light scent of this cream. It is nice to not gain a headache when you put on a product. The downside was how oily the product left my skin. I immediately wanted to wash my hands.

3. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk-$18
This is the first dry shampoo I have tried without a strong scent. It was almost odorless. Even Madison had me use it on her. I have other brands that I like better and that do not leave my hair with a white coating like this one did.

4. Nail Rock Glitter-$6.99
This is an item I have been wanting to try. The red polish and the red glitter is a perfect combo for Valentine's Day! The polish covered well and the glitter added the perfect touch!

The lifestyle extra for this month was Ahmad Tea London in assorted flavors-$7
I received Apricot Sunrise, English Tea No 1 and Lemon Vitality. I am not a black tea fan so I decided to try the lemon flavor. With my sinus and cold issues this week the lemon tea was quite soothing. The taste was decent and it is also a green tea which makes it my favorite.

How has Birchbox treated you lately? Have you made a switch?