Monday, October 28, 2013

Check, Check, Double Check

On any given Monday you can usually catch myself or any other blogger writing a post to recap our weekend.
As I said Friday today's post would be a little different. 
Why not recap all of the productive things accomplished over the weekend? 
Yes, we all love to brag about all of the great partying we did or cool places we visited but what about all the hard work and time we took to complete tasks looming in our minds?
How many of us make a to do list and life gets in the way? Why make a list to just sit it to the side or trash it at a later date.

So, Friday I made that list, checked it twice like Mr. Jolly Santa Claus himself and went to town.

1. I finally got to watch Madison rehearse for her up and coming dance recital at the end of November on Thursday. I recorded the dance and we have practiced for the last two days! I have a lot of confidence that she is going to do very well!

2. As far as my Autumn decor, as much as I want to unload the bins from my basement and decorate the house I feel like Halloween is pretty much the end to that, which occurs in four days. I added it to the list but I am too excited about Christmas to even care about a few fall leaves and pumpkins sitting around.  I made the executive decision to cross this one off.

3. My two bffs are always there for me and I felt the need to let them know. I never see the point in spending $5 on a card that will be thrown in the trash so I decided on an e-card instead. I loved their responses and knowing that I brightened their day!

4. As you can see the "Wall of Fame" (our cork board of loves) is in the process of being updated! I am currently choosing current pictures to add to the board! I finally removed the past ones and cannot wait to share with you the completed project!


(In Progress)

5. I have a hard time picking dates that coordinate with my sisters busy schedule. As a newlywed, she loves her hubby to be so much that we hardly get any girls time! I sent the text and I am awaiting a set date for our girl time! Crossing my fingers it is soon! 

Have you made your "five to try" list? Join the link up here and share your experiences today!

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  1. How cute are those girls in their little costumes...oh kills me! So wish I had thought of an e-card....I went and bought one "old school" style. So excited that you have joined in, can't wait to see what you have on your list for next weekend :)


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