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Hello there! Welcome to Wide Open Spaces. You might wonder how I picked the name of my blog? If not, you are about to find out anyway :) I picked this name because I felt like my blog would cover a range amount of topics: Recipes, daily life events, kids stuff, Pinterest pins, Twitter and FB links, beauty box raves and reviews and most of all my link ups. It was the first title that came to mind and seemed to fit perfectly.

I haven't really ever posted anything "About Me" so here it goes...............
(I try really hard to entertain and make you laugh but I am thinking the "about me" will be pretty cut and dry, lots of facts but I apologize now if you get bored)

I am 27 years old and a mommy to a beautiful three year old girl, Madison.

I will have been married to my husband Tim for five years on March 1st. I worked at a local drive in diner as a waitress when I first met his mom Barb. She and I had become friends before Tim started to work at the diner also. She told me one day that her son would start working there and that he would be arriving shortly. She told me "I think you would really like him". I said "yea i don't know about that". Well that afternoon a guy walked in the back door and I said "There is some cute guy that just walked in, look back there" She looked around the corner and said "yea that's my son". I said "well then, I'm going to need your number." We were 17 at the time and he still lived at home. It was a year later that we moved in with each other, got married 8 years later and had our daughter a year after that.
We have lived in our home near downtown Indianapolis for almost ten years.
(The only pic I could find was when we decorated it for Halloween)

We own no pets. We had a dog named Jelly who now lives with a friend. Due to our busy schedules and lack of time at home we decided she would be better off with someone home most of the time and who could give her the love and attention she deserves.

We both have great loving families. Our families are very similar. A mom, step dad, sisters and brothers. The same amount on each side.

(Last family photo of mine while my Aunt, Uncles and cousins were visiting)

Tim's family
I am a full time estimator for a company called BCT (Business Cards Tomorrow) Indiana. We are a wholesale printer for stationary products. I stay pretty busy typing up quotes for local printers. I stay pretty busy so that makes the 8-5 go by pretty fast. Yes I wish that I had some fascinating career where I was really making a difference.

I have a great circle of friends and we have a ton of fun together. Parties, girl sleepovers and lots of texting and phone time. Every one of our friends contributes greatness to our life and I am ever so grateful for the ones who remain in my life.

(One of our annual birthday parties: Family Feud themed)
I have a ton of loves in my life that I like or do but my main likes are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, photography, shopping, Starbucks and frozen fruity drinks!!

My main goal behind my blog is to make new friends and share with the world what happens under the spotlight of my little place on Earth. To share ideas, recipes, happiness, triumph and exciting daily happenings. I hope to motivate you, encourage you, entertain you and keep you wanting more posts!
I hope to make some really close bloggy friends who will need me for guidance, need advice or need someone to talk to. I am a giving, loving kind person who on the inside I think is quite hilarious but for some reason on paper I cannot portray that part of me. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and if you have any advice on making this blog more entertaining or you want to see something more specific shoot me an email.
“Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be.”


  1. Wow! You have made some big blog changes... I love how much you share about yourself.Don't worry you definitely have found a friend in me. You have such a cute family!!!

    1. Yep sure have! Thx for the tips and advice it really has paid off! Glad to have found a friend in you as well ;) Thanks so much XO


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