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Like every event or holiday I do nothing but go all out. I invest the time, money and desire it takes to make it a memorable day. My goal is for everyone to have a lasting memory of what went on that day.

With this being said, Halloween is no different. I have fallen off of the bandwagon of decorating our home with spooky decor but that's because my stock in decorations needs to be replenished.

When it comes to Halloween costumes we love to dress up! I think since having Madison I have only skipped one year.

I want Madison to carry on our traditions to her children and grand kids as well. I want her to enjoy the holidays like I do. My mother spent the same amount of effort invested in the holidays and I still feel like I did when I was a child anytime the holidays come about.

Every year the hubs family and us three meet at his grandmothers house to show off our costumes. Since Madison was born we have always kept her costume a secret from my niece and nephews. It makes it even more of a surprise when we arrive.

We go around the neighborhood and spend about two hours filling Madison's bag with candy. She has been such a trooper in the past three years! No crying, whining or getting scared. She is a brave little girl. I am especially surprised at how much candy she actually receives. I absolutely love that people still participate! I can only reminisce on the fun times I shared with my family and I only want the same for my daughter.

2009: Year Of The Ladybug, Nurse and Rock Zombie

This one melts my heart every time. Madison's Aunt and her sharing Eskimo kisses

2010: Year Of Minnie Mouse, Referee and Killer Nerd

2011: Year Of The Clown, Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" and Scary Hairy Monster

2012: Year Of The Witch with the magnificent light up dress!

Like every other year 2013's costumes will be a surprise as well! I can't wait to share them with you!
What are your Halloween traditions?

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