Monday, July 29, 2013

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

Today marks the end to an incredible journey.
Starting tomorrow Madison will begin the first day of preschool which means today is her last day at daycare.

When we met Mrs. Cortney our search for a daycare provider ended. We just knew she was the one and knew Madison would love her.
Interviewing with other women and not feeling that connection became very discouraging so as soon as we began talking with Cortney our whole world changed for the better.

As a first time mother I wanted more than anything to be able to stay at home with Madison each and every day and not have to worry about a stranger taking care of her.
What if she choked? What if she fell and got hurt? What if she needed me?
Several mornings I left her standing at the front door screaming for me, waving and jumping up and down with sadness as I drove off to work.
I myself, left her with the same sad and emptiness in my heart wishing that I could change things.

Until we met Cortney my mother had watched Madison every day and well when you are trying to replace the care a grandmother gives, it seems impossible.
The care was definitely taken over in the same efforts and standards that we had expected.

Mrs. Cortney from day one has been nicknamed Mary Poppins. She truly embraced the role and has kept us smiling ever since.
With her daily worksheets showing what Madison had eaten, played with and her restroom visits it felt like we were there in a way. It kept our minds at ease and my upset stomach at rest.

Cortney has truly been a blessing to our family. Her patience, love and support is truly remarkable.
She has taught Madison the fundamentals it takes to go into preschool and we are quite certain Madison will be at the top of her class.
The routine and balance that she has received for the past two years while under the care of Cortney shows. Her tableside manners and her ability to read and write has grown so much. Her social skills have grown and her personality has evolved so much.

We wouldn't be where we are without the love and support of my mother and Cortney. The two women besides myself that have impacted Madison is astonishing. Cortney has chosen to become a full time teacher and I know without a doubt she will be the worlds best teacher. We wish her the best of luck and hope that like Madison, each student experiences what a wonderful person she is.

As anxious and scared as I am to send Madison off to school tomorrow I am in high hopes that like the transition we encountered two years ago with the daycare change that she will do great. I can't wait to attend field trips, award ceremonies and see my little ladybug grow into a remarkable young lady.
I still remember the day she stood in the living room, packed her backpack and asked me if she was going to school that day. I didn't realize that it would happen in the blink of an eye that she would attend student orientation, visit her classroom and really be going to go school tomorrow. I'll be dropping her off with a smile on my face but my heart will be crying inside. My little girl isn't so little anymore.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens......

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