Friday, July 12, 2013

Four More Days!


The long awaited day is here!
For most of us, 5:00 couldn't come any sooner!
Coffee becomes our bff and Monday's our enemy.
One thing we can always count on is being able to high five ourselves for making it through another work week!
So I'll be linking up with Lauren today for another High Five For Friday!

1. Chewy fudge brownies and ice cream satisfied my sweet tooth daily. There is nothing better than warm gooey chocolate topped with ice cold ice cream!

2. Madison started her first day of dance of her second year in combo (tumbling, tap and ballet). She had two repeat friends in her class and a new teacher. She came home that very same night loving her new teacher and showing me brand new dance moves. She and I couldn't be happier!

3. It took about a year and a half but I finally ordered a new cell phone cover! Of course, it is Coach! It seems like I always buy the phone with limited phone case options but I finally after numerous searches found my favorite one!

4. Madison and I got a little bored this week so I scoured Pinterest for free and fun activities to do at home. The first one I found was a rain cloud (a cup of water, shaving cream on top and drops of blue food coloring splashed on top) the drops of color fall into the water and create a "rain cloud" effect. This experiment was pretty awesome! Drop an egg into a cup of vinegar for 24 hours and then carefully rub the shell off, leaving the inside of the egg and yoke intact. Pretty cool huh?

5. My two favorite people are coming backkkkkk. Giuliana and Bill return in a 4 days and I couldn't be happier! They are a lovely couple and two extraordinary people! I can't wait to watch more of Baby Duke growing up!! Yay!

I'm off to enjoy counting the minutes until happy hour and a night full of no plans which I am completely okay with!
Enjoy your weekend! See you back here Monday for more shenanigans!


  1. Ahhhh I can't wait to have a little girl in dance class! They are just too adorable! I love Giuliana and Bill too! Even the re-runs are funny!

    Stopped by from H54F!

    Angie Mae

  2. I love that show! I wonder if I can find it to stream online since we got rid of cable...:-)


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