Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boom, Boom Pow!

Last Thursday we celebrated the fourth in downtown Indianapolis.
It is a tradition of ours that we have continued over the years.
The hubs works downtown and so we block off the parking lot hours before and spend the rest of the evening having fun!
We play cornhole, watch the fireworks, celebrate with friends and family and take a lot of pictures.
As you might have noticed by now, picture taking is my favorite part :)

So here is a full recap of our night!
As usual, Madison had to have her five minute model session. She was pretty proud of her new outfit, headband and shoes (yes they are supposed to not match). She cracks me up!

Madison and I usually take one mirror picture before we leave the house. I feel like maybe one day we will look back and see how much her and I have changed and grown. Some people hate selfies and mirror pictures but I see it as something we can look back on.

I love the hubs sister. She was about three years old when I first met her and seeing her grow into a teenager is mind blowing. I can't believe how fast these little girls are growing!
I love watching the sunset! In a short period of time the horizon changed colors and became even more beautiful by the second.

The hubs family made for a great time celebrating the night! They entertained Madison and even brought fireworks! Madison had a great time thanks to these two!

Madison kept herself entertained throwing ball with the other kiddos 

  Madison and the hubs, they spent the night running around like two four year olds!

Sparkler time!

Madison was getting pretty good at making designs and writing her name in the air with the fireworks!

Indianapolis puts on an awesome Freedom Blast fireworks show every year! Three local radio stations play music in sync with the fireworks! The only downfall was by the end there was so much smoke you could hardly see the finale.

Madison even made a fireworks craft at daycare!

Every year we take a family photo and this is our July 4, 2013 family picture!

For more pictures, recaps and fun check out my Sparkle The Night post here :)
How did you spend your Fourth Of July?
Do you have any family traditions?

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  1. I was lazy this 4th, we watched what fireworks we could see from our porch. We used to go downtown to see the Freedom Blast but it's too crowded unless you show up really early for a good spot. Glad you guys had fun!


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