Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Sunshine

I love when the weekend takes its sweet time passing and I get to enjoy the every minute doing everything I love to do. I think it was partly due to the fact that I got some adult time with my bestie and a girls sleepover! Which helped me regain my sanity and calm my nerves.

Someday we will remember to take a more up to date picture of the two of us so I can stop using the same ones. Until then, you get this :)

Included in our girls night we had a manicure session, dinner at McAlisters, a movie (It's Complicated), ice cream and wine! She had the Color Run the next morning so she got up super early and did her thing while I slept in and then treated myself to Starbucks. I am truly loving that I have such a wonderful friend in my life.

The hubs invited our close friends over this weekend for a cookout (all guys except two girls) leaving Madison and I to entertain ourselves. She even had her dolls talking to me. It was more of an all guys night, I am still trying to figure out if this is payback for me being gone the night before and him left watching Madison? He can't get past why girls like sleepovers SO much? Hello, your a guy you will NEVER understand it.

Yesterday ended up being a beautiful warm day so we headed to a pool nearby that has just been re-constructed. Wow was it amazing. They had a ton of things to do for the little kids and actually sectioned it off a little further from the bigger adult pool and slide. The noise level was down and everyone enjoyed themselves! Getting a tan and splashing around to cool off made for a very fun day! Some of our friends with kids ended up showing up too so Madison was beyond thrilled.

The weekends are so much fun that I wish they lasted a little longer.
It really makes you appreciate your friends and family and the time that you spend with them.
My heart is bursting with love and I look forward to the days ahead of me.
Happy Monday!

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