Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pin Away!

Here lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest! Who am I kidding, I've ALWAYS been obsessed!
I have found so many great fashion tips, home remedies, recipes and beauty tutorials!
What I LOVE about Jamie's link up is giving myself a reason to spend countless hours behind my laptop doing what?

I am joining Jamie and all of the other pinning addicts for the Wednesday link up "What I'm Loving Wednesday."

What I'm Loving...Are all of these beauty tips, tools, makeup tutorials, different makeup pallets and products!

I'm Loving...All of the summer themed must haves!

I'm Loving...The sunshine and outdoor scenery!

I'm Loving...That I donated a $5 bill to a homeless man on my lunch hour and in return good karma came back around! I received 4 awesome things!

$150 Gift Card to Ruth Chris
Reserved V.I.P parking spot at work

2 Colts tickets for the upcoming season

So I am a pretty happy camper these days!
Things are turning around for me and I can only hope for bigger and better things to happen!


  1. I feel you with the pinterest obsession! Its great! Love the Duh. Pinning! Have not seen that yet! Your make up pins are great also!!
    Doing a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!

  2. Love that lace dress you pinned! I haven't been on it a while but when I do it's always a timesucker!

  3. Whoa - congrats on becoming employee of the month! That's awesome!!

  4. LOL on the Indiana sign! Let me tell you, I was never so glad to see that sign this afternoon. I was stuck in Kentucky for over two hours due to an accident on the bridge!

  5. And congrats on being named employee of the month!


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