Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cancer Sucks!

In December, one doctor's exam changed my way of thinking forever.
Most people ignore check ups. You think oh it will be no big deal if I just skip one or if I don't get this or that checked out everything will be good. We all think maybe some other day, time or when it's convenient I will go.

Let me tell you, one check up saved my life.

When I went for my pap exam in August of 2012 like I do every year, I thought to myself, no biggie everything will go fine and I will be good to go.
Not this time.

I got the dreaded call back from the doctor saying my pap results came back negative and I would have to come back for a check up. (The December appt). Waiting for almost two months was gut wrenching. What would they say? How devastating would the news be?

My aunt died from cancer, along with my grandma and now here recently my other aunt. It just seems like even more today I am surrounded by the word "CANCER".

As emotional as I was at the appt my doctor reassured me that with a low grade pap result this would mean a small biopsy and I would be good to go.
Was he wrong.

I had never skipped a pap result and here I was in the doctor's office after the second exam being given the news that I would need surgery to remove the cancerous cells within the next week. Over 90% of my cervix was covered in cancerous cells. Even the doctor stared at me in disbelief and shock that it hadn't been caught sooner. Something at this magnitude had been growing for over a year.
I kept asking myself why me, why now, why did this have to happen? I was terrified.
I touched a little on this story back in December when I had the surgery.

I was left with the news that I would have a 6 month check up and would only have a 10% of the cells reappearing ever again in my lifetime. Had I waited and opted out of surgery or not have caught the growing cells and waited until the next year, within in 6 months I would have been dead.

So today marks the day of my follow up appt. It is a little past the 6 month mark due to scheduling with the doctors office but I am in high hopes that I do not fall in that 10% category and that I will never in my life be faced with this issue again or any other cancer for that matter.
My palms are sweaty and I'm a nervous wreck.
I need your prayers and wishful thinking to help guide me through my day.

If you have skipped an appt, or not taken it seriously or thought oh it won't happen to me WAKE UP!
Life is precious and there are people around you who need you and love you, do it for them!
Add it to the to do list as the #1 priority in your life and check it off once your finished! You will feel much better after you have done it!

Check back tomorrow for What I'm Loving Wednesday, hopefully with some great news!!

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I'm hoping for the best, miracles do really happen!!


  1. I went through the same thing a few years ago. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  2. Many, many prayers AND such good advise!

  3. I will be praying for you!! Please text me how you are doing!!!

  4. Thinking about you and sending lots of prayers!!!!

  5. So scary! :( Definitely book a doctor's appointment very soon (thanks for the reminder!)

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  7. Wow! I obviously missed your post in December. Praying for good news!!

  8. I haven't had a pap smear since 2010, we move in two weeks and I will be scheduling it then. Between this post, and another blogger on going to the Derm to check your body, I have many appointments to make.


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