Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Week Wait

Even though I spent half the day yesterday waiting in the OBGYN office to only find out it will be up to two weeks for my test results to come back, I had a much needed day off and enjoyed every minute of it!

Linking up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

I'm Loving...How generous, strong and brave my mother is. With my grandfather currently ill she dropped everything she was doing to be by his side. She helps anyone who needs it and puts everyone before herself. She is a remarkable woman! Prayers are needed for his help so please send them his way!!

I'm Loving...Days off of work that allow me the time to make a great meal for the family. It is less stressful and I can take more time to prepare it! Yummo!!

I'm Loving..That I didn't ball my eyes out at my OBGYN appt this time and instead asked a ton of questions and gained a ton of info! Although these little bad boys can make anyone uncomfortable I managed to make it through the exam without being totally embarrassed.

I'm Loving...Kate Middleton and Prince Harry! I am happy that she delivered a healthy baby boy. Although the drama, news coverage and sudden social media chaos it caused I could have done without. The tribute and reenactment of Princess Diana was a little heart warming. I have yet to hear what the baby's name will be. I am assuming one with 7 names total?!?!? I'm just sayin.

I'm Loving...In approximately three weeks I will be on vacation again! I didn't realize until today that Madison starts school that week and our original plans to go to Holiday World may just come to a screeching halt. Even thought it is just preschool I feel like attendance in the first week is crucial. I guess plan B of hurry think fast is in order.


I'm Loving...Whose Line Is It Anyway! The show is back! I have loved it for years and to be able to watch new episodes is exciting!

I'm Loving...The new song by Lordes called Royals! It is a catchy tune and something unique and different. I'm WAY over Miley and Taylor!

I'm Loving...My childhood pictures that have been sent to me by my family of our younger days in Tennessee. It makes me miss being small and so innocent then! If you didn't think I looked like Madison, now ya do! Her and I are twins at this age!

What are you loving lately?


  1. I'm glad that you made it through your appointment with such a strong attitude. It's got to be tough waiting for the results, but know that we are all praying for you and supporting you as you wait! :)

    Now on a completely random note, as a teacher, I would definitely recommend that Madison attend that first week of preschool. Her teachers are going to work really hard to establish routines and create a comfortable learning atmosphere, so she definitely wants to be part of that right there in the beginning.

    Happy Wednesday, girl! xo

  2. If you do end up going to Holiday World, you'll only be an hour from me :-)

  3. Okay... I'm sitting here reading up on all your posts that I've missed the last few weeks... I'm gonna go jump ahead now... and see if you know anymore!

  4. Okay, no news yet. Praying everything turns out perfectly for you. Hang in there!


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