Thursday, July 25, 2013

At A Loss For Words: Brain Dump

My brain is fried and I have been losing hours and hours of sleep in the past month. I have even resorted to sleeping on the couch for no movement of the other side of the bed, no snoring, no breathing, no sound. I am the lightest sleeper and for some reason these past few months have been the worst.
So when all else fails and you have much of nothing to share you brain dump, right?

1. My grandfather had surgery this morning, finding out he had a bleeding ulcer which caused an enormous amount of blood loss and physical strength. We are in high hopes that this slow recovery will bring him back to normal and he can go back home.

2. In over a year I finally got to spend time with my sister! We picked up her wedding band, ate dinner and shared a lot of good conversation. It looks like we will be spending the next two days together as well. I couldn't be happier!

3. Madison's parent orientation for pre-school is tonight so the hubs and I are attending that fiesta. Man do I feel old, depressed and pretty much am wigging out at the moment.

4. My medical bills from my surgery are slowly being paid off so that weight is finally starting to lift off of my shoulders.

5. I will be panicking up until the moment I find out if this cancer scare is gone or not.

6. I got a text from the bestie letting me know she bought me some perfume she had that I sampled. I am one lucky girl to have a bestie like her!

7. Work has been busier than normal which has allowed me to not focus on all of the negative that has been happening to all of us lately.

8. I love each and every one of you who read my blog daily and comment and show your love and support for me and my family, it truly means the world guys!

9. I am going to start looking into taking more vitamins and get my skin, hair and nails in a healthy state. Over the last few months I have lost half my hair, my nails are as thin as paper and my skin is drier than the Sahara desert! The hair thing scares me the most, how does half of your hair just up and vanish?

10. I am still wondering why I can't find just as good of apps on my android as on an iPhone?!?! I mean hello us droid users would love to have a beautiful mess app too!!

And that concludes my brain dump for the day!
I do really feel better after I do this, it clears my mind and de-stresses me for a little bit.

Have you brain dumped lately??

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