Friday, July 5, 2013

High Five It's Friday!

I am proudly shouting to the world that I am off of work today!
Epic moment, right? I know!
I am among the few who get to jump up and down and stay in my pjs all day.
Okay who am I kidding I won't be doing that.
I'll be busy moving the bestie into her house, paying bills and hopefully grocery shopping!

Well let's get down to business shall we?

I am linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday!

1. Watching the Indianapolis Freedom blast with an up close and spectacular view with our closest friends and family was amazing. Nothing is better than spending fun times with loved ones!

2. I scored a deal on a necklace and then brought it home only to realize it came with earrings!!

3. Our 2013 family photo op and color coordinating outfits were again successful this year. I touched on this yesterday on the blog and I have a Fourth Of July recap coming up Tuesday to show just how we celebrated 2013!!

4. What a beautiful view! The sunset was amazing and the sky was breathtaking! I love mother nature!

5. Panera! Need I say more? Warm broccoli soup, bread and a greek salad satisfied my cravings!

I'm off to enjoy two more days off of work!!
Until Monday follow me along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook :)

Have a great weekend and an even more awesome day!
(Insert I'm off work, it's Friday and today is going to be an incredible day dance!!)

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  1. Yah for no work and a long weekend! The Panera look amazing!! That soup is my favorite!
    Stopping in from High five for Friday link up! Happy Friday =)

  2. That's an awesome shot of downtown Indy!


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