Thursday, January 24, 2013

WOW...It changed my way of thinking forever!

Have you ever just sat in your living room, in your office or in your car and just had that moment. You cry. You feel depressed. You are sad. Surrounded by a world of confusion and chaos. Trapped in your own thoughts and feeling like no one will understand.
Well, for some reason on Monday morning I was that person.
I simply got out of bed, sat down on the couch and sobbed, like a baby.
I had experienced nothing.
I hadn't went to work and had a rough day.
All my bills were paid and my fridge was fully stocked.
But for some reason (No not from PMSing, for all those who may be wondering) I was sad.
This seems to happen to me every once in awhile. No explanation what so ever.
So this year in my long list of New Years resolutions I decided to try and find the positive in every negative. I try to find something uplifting and motivating to keep my mind from wondering from the greatness life has to offer.
So for some reason on that very day I made a cup of coffee and sat on my couch, while wiping the tears and feeling the strange sadness in my heart I googled "Feeling sad for no reason". As if God had sent the message straight to me I found this little (but sort of long) note of inspiration, motivation and reasoning.

"Stop feeling sad for no reason. Stop placing all of your happiness into whether or not your crush will text you back. Stop feeling a vague sense of melancholy, something that you aren’t able to pinpoint but you know is there.
I woke up today feeling that quiet sense of melancholy. The steps I took on the way to the bathroom felt heavy and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see myself cringing. This doesn’t happen very often, I don’t usually meet the day with a “Screw you!” kind of attitude but when I do, I get angry. How is it possible to feel so crappy at 8:30 in the morning? Actually wait, how is it possible to feel great at 8:30 in the morning? This is dumb though. These feelings aren’t real. I’m choosing to be in a sour mood. When there’s nothing there to make me feel sad, it’s quite clear that I’m the reason. I’m the one who’s making myself feel miserable. And since I’m the one who got me there, I can also be the one who gets me out.
For those of us who don’t have chemical imbalances but are rather just prone to feeling a boatload of emotions, we have to learn not to indulge every thought we have. It’s difficult though. With people who suffer from analysis paralysis and melancholia, it’s like we’re constantly betraying ourselves.
We get upset over minute things and then get upset over the fact that we’re upset. We get sad that the amazing person we went on a date with last week hasn’t asked us to go on another one, and then we get angry at ourselves for giving the person so much power. We choose the things that control us. We give our phone a lot of power. We get bummed out about text messages and phone calls and, oh my god, it shows that they read my text but haven’t responded back! We give the Internet a lot of power. When someone doesn’t follow us back on Twitter or write on our Facebook wall, we fall into a spiral of grief. Why?
We need to start figuring out what emotions are legitimate and which ones are bogus. If you’re feeling things every minute of every day, some posers are bound to sneak in through the back door of your brain. These posers are meant to veer you off track and get you upset for no reason, but they don’t come from a genuine place. They’re as fake as a Prada bag on Canal Street. We don’t like to admit it but sometimes we like falling into ruts for no reason. It reminds us that we’re alive and that SOMETHING is happening to us. Who cares if it’s good or bad?! I’m sad and it’s better than nothing!
Except it’s not better. In fact it’s a lot worse. All of those times you feel this vague sense of sadness, all of those times you let the posers in, add up to something major in the end. So we have to stop indulging every emotion we have. We have to realize we have control over these Monica “JUST ONE OF THEM DAYS” kinds of moods. Because they’re so not real. Seriously. Screw Monica for giving vague sadness some power! Not a month goes by that someone doesn’t post that video on their Facebook with the caption: “Sing it, Monica. Just one of them days…” Give yourself more credit than that. You know what I did this morning when I felt myself going into Monica territory? I stopped the “Just one of them days” bus and danced to some Rolling Stones. Now I’m all better. Don’t let your emotions punk you. Chances are you’re feeling something that’s not even there."

This little note was brought to us by "The Thought Catalog".
I am in high hopes that if you ever need words of encouragement that you can always come back to today's post to find your smile again, feel the warmth in your heart and to have a better day after reading it. It change my mood immediately. It re-guided my heart, mind and soul down a more positive path. I am ever so grateful that I stumbled upon this and that it changed my day for the better. I hope you too gain something from it.
Have you read something that changed your way of thinking, improved your mood or helped to brighten your day? Please share if so! I would love to gather some daily readings of WOW.
If you are still reading, I thank you. I know this post was lengthy but it came from the heart and was intended to show you that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up!


  1. I hate that you had a rough day! I too am feeling rather down lately..I am blaming it on the cold weather lol, if you need a cheerful pick me up let me know! I can always find a positive for a negative:) Have a great day...and yes I did read all that lol

    1. Awe thanks love! I am glad you read it all. I don't intend on having all of that wording but sometimes it is needed. I hope your days get better as well and always continue to find the positive. Life gets rough! Have an awesome day!


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