Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time Foe Dat?!?!?

Have you ever noticed something to ever just stick around for awhile? 
Well this catchy little phrase has swept the office at my company for the last ehhh two weeks?
Ever since the Sweet Brown video went viral our little "clique" at the office crack up every time we here "Ain't Nobody Got Time Foe Dat!"
How many times has someone asked or told you to do something and you thought to yourself
"Ain't Nobody Got Time Foe Dat?!??"
Well this happens to me ALLLLL the time! Yesterday was one of THE WORST days I have ever had in my life at the office.
It just seemed like the hours were snailing by and everyone and their mama needed something. I just couldn't focus. Randomly losing my train of thought. Staring at the computer screen wondering what I was supposed to do next. I my bloggy friends, was on the train to La La Land and not returning anytime soon! 
And wow, making it to lunch just about drove me bonkers. It took me one whole hour to eat this tiny pathetic excuse of a lunch. Who knew oral surgery could cause this much pain!

My HR manager even walked by put her hands up to her mouth and started reenacting a squirrel eating a nut. My tiny bites did make me laugh inside.
 As usual the next four hours were like hearing nails on a chalkboard.
Let's just say I popped an extra pain pill and laughed hysterically at my desk over nothing.
Thank you CVS and the docs at Indiana Oral Surgical Center for filling that prescription.
Do you ever have those moments where you laugh to yourself and someone walks by looking at you like you are a complete idiot. Um yea, I would be the idiot. They say "what's up with you?" And you just respond "Oh nothinggggg" with that goober stupid grin. Hand raised in the air, yep that girl is me! Oh well, we aren't all perfect little ladies. Especially after a weekend of getting three wisdom teeth removed. Bahhhh the pain!!!!
So the next time I receive an email, quote, phone call, a page or someone asking me a question regarding work I may or may not just stand up and start singing "Ain't Nobody Got Time Foe Dat" while I do my crazy lady gotta get down dance!
I'll blame it on the overdose of medication later.
You might be able to tell by the randomness of today's post that I have already taken my morning medication. I hope to have made you laughed because just hearing "Ain't Nobody Got Time Foe Dat" is once again making me smile and repeat the words to the song over and over.
Thank you Sweet Brown.
Click here to watch the video, you too will laugh hysterically and hopefully do the crazy lady dance with me. You can thank me later for singing this song into the wee hours of the night, because you WILL still have this song stuck in your head then.

Toodles and Happy Tuesday!



  1. Haha, every other sentence that comes out of my mouth is, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I love it. Great post!!!

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. It seems like a trend going around right now! Don't get bronchitis or start a fire! Ha!

  2. aint nobody got time for that is becoming huge. And I don't got time for that...wait a minute.


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