Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2013

Who gets the school girl excited giggle and overwhelming thrill when they see this little package in the mailbox?

That would be me! If you don't know what this pink/sparkly package entails then let me give you more details:

The company's website is Ipsy. It is a beauty subscription called the "Glam Bag" and it’s only $10 a month. You receive 4 to 5 beauty products plus a cute little makeup bag. This allows you the chance to try out new/popular products that you might have never tried!
I don't know about you but I seriously LOVE receiving mail, that is, other than bills and junk mail!
So every time I see this little pink beauty in my mailbox I squeal with delight! I am never disappointed with what Ipsy sends me each month!

Check out the awesome products in January’s bag:

 This month's theme is "Super Stars" "You'll be ringing in the new year with some fantastic star products from amazing brands! Get ready to indulge in the best finds that the beauty world has to offer."

January Ipsy Discounts
This card tells you what discounts are offered on the products in this month’s bag.
Navy Make-Up Bag
$2.00-We are never given the true value of the cute petite makup bags given to us but I am sure they hold some value.  The star inside print and label puts a smile on my face, too cute!
SOHO Concealer Brush
$7.99-I have never used a concealer brush? Have you? What are your thoughts? I am interested in giving this a try! A girl can never have too many brushes right?!?!?
Sexy Hair/Spray & Play Volumizing HairsprayS
$2.48-I was thrilled to receive this little bad boy! I had recently ran out of this wonderful hairspray and needed to get some asap! Ipsy came to the rescue! Strong holding but light weight! If you haven't given this a try, go now and get some!
Nailtini/Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer (Frappe)
$15.00-I am loving this color! I believe Ipsy sent out various colors to glam bag subscribers. This color looks great and lasts awhile also!
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
$4.67-I have never used an oil for anything before. Apparently this can be used on skin, hair and nails. I am interested in seeing how it will affect my body. Have you tried an oil products before? Did they work? Have you used this one?
Pacifica Body Butter (Tuscan Blood Orange)
$7.00-This body butter smells AMAZing! Madison said I smelled like a large jellybean! Hey, the kids has taste! She know when something is delicious!
Overall the bag totaled $39.14 which is amazing since the subscription itself is only $10! If you are interested, click here. It seems to me that the Ipsy glam bags are in a close race with Birchbox. Which one is your favorite? I am falling more and more in love with Ipsy day by day. If you are still trying to make your mind up, I would say go with Ipsy, hands down. Lots of great products and the makeup bags are a bonus!
What's in your bag? Catch you here tomorrow linking up with Jamie with
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  1. I use argan oil in my hair and it is amazing!!

    1. Well then I will be using it for sure! I am always up to try new products and I am very interested in seeing how this one works out.
      XO Brooke

  2. Ipsy seems so great!! I think the major difference between that service and Birchbox's is the (so-called) "quality" or high-end nature of their products. Birchbox will send me a teensy tube of some crazy expensive face cream that's worth something like $5 for that miniscule amount, while Ipsy seems to send send much more of an affordable product. People get mad that Birchbox sends out so many foil packets and little vials, but they are paying for "deluxe" samples, so that's all they get.

    I do want to try Ispy soon, though!!

    1. This is true. I can see where some people might not like Birchbox. I am enjoying them both and it gives me more to blog about! Ipsy is pretty great. I look for quality but I don't like to spend too much on a product. Birchbox and Ipsy give me the chance to try the best of both worlds! You should try it out I think you would be pleased!

  3. Wow this looks amazing, do you like it better than Birchbox?

    1. I actually signed up with Birchbox in November so I have only received my December Birchbox. I am still awaiting my January Birchbox. Comparing December's bag to box I would say YES! I actually like the middle of the road cost but great products. I signed up for Birchbox to try the "higher end" products but it seems like I will be buying more Ipsy items. I would give it a try if I were you!

  4. After creeping through your comments, I see you just signed up for Birchbox. I'm interested in how you'd compare these two after you get a few more boxes. This looks awesome and I've been pretty disappointed in some of my Birchboxes in the past. I kind of want to give this a try. Do you like all your packages or have some been a bust?

    1. I am going to continue to receive both boxes and I will keep my blog updated with my reviews. I have been 100% happy with the Ipsy products every time. I use almost every one of the products I receive daily. You will be more than happy if you started receiving the Ipsy products, plus I am a bag fanatic so receiving quality small little makeup bags gets me excited!


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