Thursday, January 3, 2013

R We There Yet?

So yes this might sound a bit crazy outrageous insane but I have already been requested to put in my 2013 vacation time off.
Dec 31st, the due date for vacation time off work for the upcoming year?
With 4 months out of the year blocked off, and close to 50 employees sharing the remainder time? Ugh it is very stressful.
So needless to say I took a wild stab and put my vacation time in. Hopefully we find out very quickly what is approved.
The second week in May is my first choice. I am usually pretty lucky and get my first choice.
I even went above and beyond and practically begged my office staff to not take the same week off. (no two people in our dept can be out the same week) blah.
This year we are choosing to take our little one with us for mine and her birthday. She is three, will be four then. And I will be celebrating my birthday a few weeks before so I am saying happy birthday to me also!
We are hoping for a great, relaxing stress free vacation. I am now left with location? location? location?
We are leaning towards Florida. There are SO many hotels/resorts/packages. Making it VERY hard to choose!
We have also considered Gulf Shores Alabama and Texas.
So, I need your help! Have you or anyone you know been to Florida, Texas or Alabama? Or with little ones? Or to any other vacation spot that you would love to return to?
Best place to stay? Most things to do in one area? Best bang for your buck?

Let me give you a few of our top picks:

The Enclave-Florida
The Peabody-Florida


San Antonio -Texas
Hopefully I am able to find something soon! I am a very active person so I need attractions, places to eat, entertainment and lots and lots of fun! The main reason why I LOVED Vegas and cannot wait until the day I go back, or move there :)
Let me know your thoughts!


  1. We go to Anna Maria Island in Florida and it is amazing !! We went in April last year :) I have heard Sanibel Island is nice but super busy and touristy... Anna Maria has NO sky rises and is super family friendly :)

    1. Thanks! Are there things to do in Anna Maria Island? Tourist attractions or places to go to? I googled it and it looks very nice.
      XO Brooke

  2. I have been to the Peabody in Orlando and it is super nice! :)

    1. That is my first pick! I thought it looked great! Thanks for the comment. I will be searching around for some good deals because I really want to stay there!
      XO Brooke

  3. Sandestin is beautiful, I've been there. I've also heard great things about Sanibel island. I always think a beach vacation is the best bang for your buck because you aren't paying for entertainment! I love Orlando and all there is to do there, but it gets really expensive. Hard to pass up a day or two at Disney though :)

    1. Thanks for the input! I am really wanting a beach vacation but I want to find the best deal! Orlando seems a little out of my league this year. I will check out Sandestin! Thx!
      XO Brooke


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