Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birchbox Jan 13' And A Little Happy Dance!

I am excited because now I can expect to receive my Ipsy Glam Bag and my Birchbox in the same week! Does anyone else love receiving bright colored sparkly things in the mail? Even on the worst of days these two little packages bring a smile to my face!
This month's Birchbox theme is "The Best Year Ever!"
"We don’t think a new year means a whole new you. After all, you’re pretty awesome. But a fresh calendar is as good a time as any to refocus on the things that keep falling to the bottom of the to do list. That’s why we’re heading into 2013 with the personal goal of making it the best year ever. (Until 2014, that is.)"
Catchy little intro huh?!?! It makes you want to accomplish bigger and better things in 2013!
So let me share with you what I received in my pink box of happiness #12
 (Birchbox sent out 34 variations and mine is #12)..... 

About Birchbox:
Birchbox is a subscription service that delivers a box of luxury samples to your doorstep every month. Each box is customized to match your beauty profile to ensure you get the samples you want, you will usually get 4-5 samples and sometimes even full-sized products! The samples vary from make-up and skincare, to food and beauty accessories, and each box is carefully hand-wrapped. At $10/month Birchbox is one of the cheapest monthly beauty subscriptions out there, the value of each box usually ranges from at least $15 and can be as high as $60. They also have a nice rewards program, where for each product survey you complete you get 10 points, every 100 points earns you $10 in Birchbox credits which you can redeem in their online store for full-sized products.

Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream: .5 oz Value $33
"All Clark’s Botanicals’ skincare products use Jasmine Absolute to re-balance troubled skin. Culled from nocturnally blooming jasmine flowers, the precious oil has anti-inflammatory and immuno-boosting properties. In addition, this moisturizer features a gentle dose of glycolic acid to slough away dead cells, plus marine algae extracts to soften skin."

This cream seems to be very moisturizing. I tried some on my face after my daily face wash and could feel a slight tingling sensation. It really felt like the cream was working into my skin. I will continue to use this product daily and eventually upgrade to a larger tub!
(Plus it has my first and last initial on the top of the lid, I mean can we say it's a sign?)
"Especially great for color-treated hair, the sulfate-free formula locks in color and balances out your hair’s pH levels. The wonder ingredient is Obliphica oil. Sourced from sea buckthorn berries, it contains rare omega 7 acids (typically found in fish oil) plus a mega-high dose of vitamin C (about 15 times more than an orange)."
I have yet to use this product but since I color my hair, I am very interested in testing out this product. I am still in search for the "perfect" shampoo. I tend to have a lot of static but it also becomes oily within a day. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

theBalm Cosmetics Put a Lid On It: 3.7 mL Value Value $5.63
"The mattifying formula instantly absorbs excess oil and provides a smooth canvas for layering on shadows. It’s designed to keep vivid hues crease- and smudge-free all day. Plus, the lightweight formula glides on without tugging or pulling on sensitive skin."
The Balm will be coming out with this eye primer in the spring so it is still a tester item. I can say I am impressed. I am not a huge fan of eye primers but this one definitely locks down the eyeshadow and keeps the color lasting all day long! It is a must try!
Harvey Prince Skinny Chic: .05 oz Value $2
"The dominant note of crisp green apple is tempered by marine mint and lovely lotus blossom. In the background, notes of grapefruit, bergamot, fennel, white cedarwood, amber, and iris mix and mingle."
I am kind of a perfume fanatic. I try all new scents of perfume, mists and whatever else might attract my nose. I usually do not like these small samples. They are usually too flowery for me. This perfume smelled great! I could see myself owning a full size bottle!
100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream: 2 mL – Value $.15 each
"Packed with nourishing cocoa and avocado butters, as well as skin-softening fruit oils, this super hydrating formula replenishes and soothes dry skin. There are three lush scents: tropical Coconut, fresh Green Apple, and relaxing Vanilla Bean. And, since they’re formulated without water, artificial ingredients, or fillers, the lotions are ultra-rich and concentrated."
Through the winter my poor skin suffers from a lot of dryness and cracking. This cream was a little oily for my liking. I don't think I would see myself using this. The plus side was the Vanilla Bean smelled great! I am not a huge fan of grape so I cannot say that I loved it.
The Verdict:
The value of this box was over $40, which is awesome when you are only paying $10. I am always excited to try new samples. What did you get in your January Birchbox? Any products you recommend?
Thx again to all of my wonderful followers, your comments are very much appreciated! I look forward to each and every one of them!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
See you back here tomorrow for my favorite day of the week, you know, the one where "we're going to get funky funky. Everybody clap your hands. Clap, clap, clap ... clap your hands. Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Take it back now y’all. One hop this time. Right foot let’s stomp. Left foot let’s stomp. Cha cha real smooth."
(I'm hoping you just did your happy dance, laughed and smiled for at least 10 seconds)
 Oh yea if that beat just popped into your mind you are right on track! At least I am since I am 100% sure that will be played at the wedding I am attending this weekend!
Have an awesome, carefree, stress free loving kind of day :)


  1. Never heard of Birchbox but i kind of like it.... Think i might try it!

    1. I would! Try out as well. A lot of great products for an affordable price!

  2. Thanks for the Cha Cha will be in my head all day :)
    I love getting my Birchbox every month and I just heard of Ispy a few days ago...def getting on that one too! :)

    1. Ha ha! I love that song and dance! Ipsy is great! I'm looking forward to a lot more great boxes!

  3. Replies
    1. It was! Super excited to continue to use the products!

  4. I got the skinny chic perfume in my box too. How great is it? I don't know if I can wait to buy a big bottle, yum!


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