Friday, August 2, 2013

The Results Are In

As many of you know I have been counting the days until my test results come back. If you aren't up to speed check out the post that covered it all.
I think a few gray hairs came in and wrinkles started to appear. The stress was getting to me and I was tired of this.....

I couldn't take another minute of it so I called my doctor today and checked in on the tests.
Of course they hadn't called yet nor did they sound like they planned on it.
Helloooo, we sit around waiting for information like this!

My testing came back 100% normal!!!!!!
High Five For That!
I cried, squealed and said a thank you prayer for hours. What a relief!!
Thank you for all of your sweet words, emails, texts and support!

Along with this #1 of my 5 high fives of the week, here are the remaining 4 things that rocked my world this week!

1. My nephew was born!! Baby Jax is the cutest little thing! His little bitty fingers and fat baby cheeks are to die for! A brunette with blue eyes, can you say heartbreaker?!?!
2. Madison has made it through almost a week of school. Each day has been very hard but I think after awhile she will grow into it. I'm hoping for the best.
3. Chick-fil-a, need I say more?
4. Our new addition to the family has also been in our home for almost a week. I check the tank every day praying the poor little thing makes it. She likes to hang at the top of the tank so I have a mini heart attack when she is floating at the top and barely moving.
It has been a pretty good week and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


  1. So glad to hear that your test results were normal! What a relief!!

  2. What a tough wait... Glad it's over... and so happy for you that they came back in your favor! Kick back and relax, my dear!


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