Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Angel Returns Home

As I sit and stare at Madison, I can only feel the happiness, love and joy she has added to my life.
Her innocence, her laughter and her existence make all of my days worth while.
Every parent knows what this feeling is like.
It's indescribable.
It's love.
True love.

Two weeks ago I wrote about a beautiful baby girl struggling to survive, Finley.
I am sad to say that she passed away August 16th.

In the last week before her death the family had a photo shoot with Finley.
Seeing these snapshots brought tears to my eyes.
You can feel the love, the hope and the bond between this family.
Baby Finley was a blessing to Noelle and Tim and I know without a doubt they now have an angel watching over them.

Noelle posted on Facebook this post the day Finley passed away. What an uplifting and hopeful outlook during such a tragic time.

"Thank you all so very much for the love and support you've all poured out on us over the last three weeks. We could not have made it without all of you.

And just because God didn't heal Finley's earthly body, we still have faith that He can use this tragedy for the good. The Lord doesn't always give us what we ask for, because sometimes while the thing we want may be good, God often times has things in store that are better.

As we pick up the pieces of our lives and attempt to compile some semblance of normalcy, we must remember that some day these wounds will be healed. It may be months, it may be years, but these wounds will be healed and we will eventually move on."

And this was the update given by Noelle after Finley's passing:
"Tonight after battling the effects of HIE and changing the world for 21 days, our little Finley went home to be with Jesus and her Pop-Pop (Noelle's dad).

She was surrounded by friends and family and a doctor and two amazing nurses who loved her tremendously and cried with us throughout the battle and as she left this earth. We have a long road of healing ahead of us, and as happy as we are that Finley has been healed and given a perfect new body in heaven, we are deeply saddened and stricken by sorrow because our precious angel has left us."

In these photographs you too can appreciate life and love and what the world has to offer.
Never take a moment for granted.


If you would like to visit Finley's Facebook page to express your prayers and thoughts please do.
This family needs all of the support we can give them right now.

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