Friday, August 23, 2013

Let The Weekend Begin: H54F

Happy Friday friends!
So tonight I have some major and I mean major cleaning to do!
Welcome to a mom/wife's typical Friday night.
At least in my household anyway.
I believe that if I accomplish all of my cleaning and laundry on Friday then I have to relaxing fun days to spend on Saturday and Sunday.
As long as I don't spend the night on the couch watching episodes of "Orange Is The New Black" then I should complete my to do list for the week.

Here's a few highlights from my week:

1. My bloggy friend Lara sent me some goodies in the mail and I cannot wait to share them with you! Aren't the ladies of the blogosphere the best? Building friendships through this little blog of mine means so much.
2. I think Madison is finally over her morning meltdown sessions at preschool. Although not every morning does she sprint off to play with the kids she does stand with the teacher, give me my usual loving and doesn't cry. I keep telling myself baby steps.
3. I am impatient, let me say that first. I jumped onto the scale too quickly and received this message. Error, can you believe that? I mean I know I packed on a few lbs during my vacation but gessh ERROR? All jokes aside I think it was a sign that I need to stop eating out so much and cut out the late night snacking. I might even need to give up a couple of visits to Starbucks each week. GASP. I know crazy right?
4. I believe in Karma. What goes around comes around. So why not continue the good karma? I picked up this super cute fall jacket for the bestie and dropped it off to her. I really love seeing the smile and appreciation that one tiny gesture can cause. Pay it forward!
5. DOTS. My new favorite store! Capris for $12, buy one jeans at regular price get each add'l for $10 and shirts for $6! Talk about a heck of a deal! I scored some super cut fall outfits that I cannot wait to wear!
It's been a pretty good week and as long as the kiddos can stay clear of the school sicknesses that are going around we have a special day planned for Madison tomorrow. Her daycare bff who she hasn't seen for almost a month invited us to go to the zoo! I can't wait for them to spend the day together!
Happy Friday! XO

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  1. Yay!! Wyatt starts a new class at daycare/school on Monday. I am afraid it will be a rough drop off for him. He still has a rough time on some mornings with me leaving him.
    I have seen those Dots stores around here but have never walked it. I will be going in for sure now!


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