Monday, August 19, 2013

That's A Wrap: Staycation 2013

Last night concluded my vacation. Yes believe me I cried a river. Oh that reminds me I will be attending the Justin Timberlake concert in December! Fist pumping begins now!
This mean back to the daily grind, stress and hustling about. On another positive note, Labor Day is in a few weeks which means a short break is in my future. Whoo hooo!
Ten days off of work means time to relax, have fun and enjoy memorable activities.
With the weather in the 80's, naps taken daily and time spent with the family this vacation was fulfilling. I am not one to sit around the house with no plans so on my "down time" I did go a bit stir crazy. As much as I dislike the idea of going back to work I do like having a "routine".
During the week I took many pictures so here is a recap of my ten days off!
We let Madison skip school for the day and took her to the Indiana State Fair. I looked out my window to see Madison's tiny little fingers sporting her rock n roll sign! This had to be the best day of my vacation! She was pretty excited!
 I couldn't leave the fair without sinking my teeth into one of these delicious treats!
Us girls know we can't make a public appearance without being ridiculously adorable, okay she can pull it off, me not so much.
I wonder where she gets her posing from?
Still in rock n roll mode, party like a rock star!
After walking past Easley's Winery, it came at no surprise that a bottle of wine would be purchased.
My daily intake of calories is quite sickening. I think I will start my diet today. I'm pretty sure I gained a lb a day. 
Ralston's has to be my favorite new place. Simple, delicious and light satisfied my rumbling stomach.
 My mom, brother and I wrapped up a fun day of shopping with a delicious meal at Uno's Chicago Grill. I must have been feeling guilty about all of the fattening foods I had been indulging in because I settled on soup and salad.
The rest of my vacation included some pampering. I made a hair appointment and spent a few hours getting a color touch up and trim. 
It felt good to cut an inch off and have my roots back in their hiding place. Here Madison and I finished out the night with dinner at Panera. Don't judge, we take selfies in the bathroom :) 
Madison got a little treat from The Flying Cupcake, Happy Birthday To Me Vanilla.
I couldn't bring myself to eat another thing.
Oh how we love our mud masks! The silky soft feeling and the scent makes our hearts happy. We love our girls nights! She also giggled hysterically that we looked like Smurfs!
The deal of my vacation! 4 pillows for $12! When does that ever happen? Thank you Christmas Tree Shop, it has been and always will be my favorite budget friendly store!
I'm sure there are many more events, moments and activities that happened this week but I will save that for another day! I'm hoping to have a calm and easy week! The countdown to Labor Day weekend is on!
Have you made plans yet?


  1. Those cheese fries are causing my mouth to water. :) I love her rock on sign! LOL
    I may have to work Labor Day weekend. :(

    1. Working would suck. I feel bad that everyone doesn't get the day off. I also wanted to mention, do you know you are a no reply blogger? If you need to know what this means or need help fixing it I can help. I just wanted you to know.
      Thx :)

  2. JT! I am so jealous! And I wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop down here. I used to go all the time in Delaware.

  3. All of those meals look delicious!!! This post made me hungry. It looks like you had a great staycation!

  4. Looks like a great week! I am seeing JT in December too :) Can't wait!

  5. I loved watching your staycation through instagram. I think staycations are great because you can appreciate things around you that normally you are too busy to notice (:


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