Monday, August 26, 2013

When Besties Reunite

Back when Madison started daycare she met her best friend, Cash.
They were inseparable. Constantly following each other, mimicking each others every move and spending countless hours laughing and smiling together.
This weekend Cash's mom and I surprised the two of them with an all day visit to the zoo and dinner.

Cash had known about the surprise all week but I kept the secret safe and had Cash show up at our doorstep to tell Madison the news.
The look on her face was priceless. Cheesy smile and all.
The two hugged and just couldn't believe they were hanging out again.

The weather was very warm but a perfect day for the zoo.
We saw many animals, enjoyed the train and carousel ride and took many photos.

The two kiddos played around in the water park area and had the best time.

It always warms my heart when I see two kids so happy and content together.
They are both wonderful kids and I find such joy in finding time to bring them together.
Their friendship has grown over the last year and continues to blossom.

I cannot wait for future play dates. As much as I wanted them to attend the same preschool I love seeing them grow in their own ways but still remain together.
During the car ride they talked about their teachers, cubbies and nap time blankets and pillows. Too cute!

I remember my childhood and the friendships I made. I have many great memories engraved in my mind. I hope that someday Madison looks back on her life and remembers all of the great times she shared with her loved ones and enjoys every minute.

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  1. Aw!!! I am hoping Wyatt finds that friend.


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