Friday, August 16, 2013

Only Two More Days: H54F

The long awaited day for all employees has come, Friday!

I myself wanted today to come because then Madison will be home for two whole days.

I have loved my staycation and the relaxing atmosphere. Taking a break from the usual hustling around has been nice but being at home when my mini me is at school has been depressing.

I am having a very hard time accepting that we are all getting older and that time is passing so quickly.
I'm hoping this feeling passes soon.

On the other hand, there have been some really great moments this week.

1. I went and paid my hair stylist a little visit and got my hair colored and cut. Not a big difference but it feels a lot healthier.

2. $2 Tuesday saved quite a bit of money at the Indiana State Fair! $2 food, drinks, admission and rides made for an inexpensive day full of fun!

3. Starting off the fall season with a new Coach purse! You can never go wrong with Coach! Happy gift to me!

4. I had a lunch date with my brother and mom and added to the calorie intake with this little dessert. Who can resist a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream? Not this girl! Bring it on!

5. Madison has been practicing writing her name, spelling out words, singing songs to improve her spelling and so much more. I would say she is doing great for her age!

I'm in high hopes that the next two days are eventful, happy and full of fun because I don't want to see Monday morning!

Happy Weekend! XO


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