Thursday, August 22, 2013

The One Thing I Really Need You To Hear From Me

You know that feeling you get inside when you hear a song and you just sit there.
You listen to every word and you think to yourself "Yes, someone gets it!"
You put the song on repeat and listen to it over and over.
It's the song that you relate to in every aspect of your life.
The music plays in your heart and moves you.
Every last line puts a smile on your face.

Here recently I have two songs that do just that.

They are completely motivational, heartfelt and sound amazing.
Similar as everyone might say, but powerful and strong and will have everyone dancing on top of tables shouting the lines over and over.

I hear these songs and I feel my heart exploding with happiness and motivation.

As Madison is starting her first year of preschool I have already heard of some things being said between her classmates.
Kids picking on other kids.
Comments said about Madison that she didn't like and so forth.

We have all been there.
A girl who picked on our clothes and hair.
Someone disagreeing with something we said.
People judge.
What we do with their comments is our business.
I use to be the scrawny, stringy haired tall little girl who had no sense of style and wished to look like a super model but then I grew up and realized that everything is not based on looks.

It's how we carry ourselves.
How we treat others.
How we speak to others.

We all have a fire burning inside and we should never and I mean never let anyone dim that fire or take it away.
Your voice should be heard.
Your trends should be shared.

If you are different that is ok.

If you haven't been told today, let me tell you something.
You are amazing.
You are unique.
You are wonderful.
You have a purpose.
Someone in this world needs you, wants you and loves you.
Don't ever forget how special you are and how much someone out there needs you in their life.
Never give up!
As Sara Bareilles says "Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out, honestly I want to see you be brave!"
Be you and never stop.
Listen to the songs below and be prepared for a jam out session!
Go ahead, turn up the music and party like a rock star!


  1. I LOVE Sara Bareilles' song! Totally get what you are saying here. Sometimes I zone out listening to the radio and just "get it."

  2. Thank you! I needed to read a post like this today. I LOVE that Sara Bareilles song.. it always makes me think of my hopes for my sister, brother, niece & nephew.

  3. What an inspirational post! Awesome.

  4. Thank you for that wonderful post!! It's great how we find these things right when we need them!! Looking forward to enjoying more posts on your blog!!

    ~ Sorry if I posted this comment twice ~ not sure if the 1st went through! ~ just one of thooooose days ~ lol


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