Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Monday And I'm On Vacay!

That's right today I am not at work. Ah what a fabulous feeling! Even though I did wake up at 6am to take little Madison to school I did enjoy not having to rush about as much! So with Starbucks in hand and the sunshine beaming through the window I'll recap what's happened so far!

Friday Night:

The hubs worked another late night so we treated ourselves to Edward's Drive-In. I use to work here when I was in high school so it always feels good to be back in old stomping grounds. Plus, the food is amazeballs so you can't go wrong there! Madison was in a goofy, crazy and entertaining mood so we both sat and laughed hysterically. I wouldn't trade this Friday night for anything!


I attended a cookout where Madison played with her friends and we enjoyed the sunshine and free food!

We were so exhausted from running around and the heat that we both decided to take a nap! Gotta love Saturday afternoon naps!


We have been having such nice weather lately! Anywhere between 70 and 85 degrees! Who doesn't love that! I had received two Colts tickets last month for employee of the month through work so the hubs and I attended the game. Lucas Oil had the roof open so it was a bit on the steamy side. Not much airflow. The game was exciting in the beginning but when they pull the starting line up out and the quarterback things get a little boring. Plus we all know the Colts don't work too hard at preseason games so we usual let the other team win every time. We had great seats and the atmosphere is amazing. If you haven't made it to a game I suggest you try!

So now I am off to enjoy my time away from the daily stresses of life! I have no real plans made yet and I am okay with that! I am excited to attend the Indiana State Fair on Friday so I do have something to look forward to! It sure is nice to take a breather every once in awhile!

Happy Monday XO

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  1. Wow what a fun weekend you had! Mother/daughter time is the best. I loved it when my dad was away and I had my mom to myself! Also, go you for scoring those tickets for being employee of the month. You go girl :)

  2. Madison is so dang cute girl..she looks like a mini you for sure!


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