Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Solution To Top Three Nail Problems

Last Wednesday I shared what an awesome product INM Out The Door Top Coat was.

My nails are what I like to describe as paper thin. They chip easily, break in a hot second and are so thin you can bend them in half. I have a hard time keeping longer nails because they are so fragile. I do a lot of typing between work and the blog that the durability of my nails is non existent. My sister (the nail expert) suggest that I visit Sally's Beauty Supply and look for some products to help me with my top three problems.
Dry Time: Solution: Out The Door Top Coat

I have about a five minute window between manicure time and Madison needing me for something. I needed a product that would dry my manicure instantly.

Result: View this post

Strength/Growth: Solution: Beauty Secrets Hardener: $3.89 .5 oz

I needed longer, stronger and thicker nails.

Result: I have had one broken nail in the last three weeks. My nails feel stronger and I have been very pleased with this product.

Long Lasting: Solution: Beauty Secrets Base Coat: $3.89 .5 oz

My nail polish seems to chip after one day, what's a girl to do? My sister recommended that I put on a base coat to lock in the polish then the top coat on after the color is down. Genius!

Result: My nail polish now lasts about four days. The color may last longer but with a lot of hand washed dishes and typing around 10 hours a day I stand no chance of it lasting any longer. Giving myself a manicure 1-2 times a week is better than one every other day!
I am always looking for products to view, sample and blog about!
Send me a message for any recommendations!

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