Monday, August 5, 2013

Masking The Feelings Inside

It was nice to see a very emotional and roller coaster ride of a week come to an end.

All in one week Madison started preschool, I received the test results to my ovarian cancer exam and my grandfather has become very ill.
I cried every day last week at work. It was very embarrassing but I am a very emotional person and cannot hide when I am upset. Anyone who knows me can read me like a book.

My heart is still heavy with the news of my grandfather. It is very hard to stay optimistic when things are looking so badly. A person can only take so much. Out of respect for my family I will spare the details but just remember when you think you will live forever and that nothing could ever happen to you, think again. Every moment in life is precious and we need to appreciate every last second we have with our friends and family. If you could all say a prayer for him it would mean so much.

 Masking the pain and sorrow that my heart has felt, I tried to stay occupied and de-stress myself with fun activities. So here is how I spent my weekend and the shenanigans we got into!


I posted these pictures to my Facebook account in regular form of Madison and I making goofy faces at the movie theatres and my cousin took them and switched them to "The Grudge" style. Quite hilarious!

Here we are looking "normal", stuffing ourselves with pop and popcorn! Smurfs 2 was great, nothing compares to the Despicable Me movies though!

We ended the night with Dairy Queen, another banana split in my life. The cashier asked me what I wanted and Madison said "Oh she will have the banana split, that's what she always orders." Am I that predictable? What a smart little four year old!


With an overnight sitter and the hubs out of town I managed a day and night all to myself. With a nap, lots of housecleaning, cooking out with the bestie, shopping and fruity drinks this day was perfect! I felt like a accomplished a ton and still had fun. It was a nice little break after the crazy week I had been through! Thx Nana :)


I couldn't have asked for better weather! Warm and a nice breeze made the day perfect! We had lunch at Subway and then spent a few hours at the Indianapolis Zoo! Madison gets a kick out of the rides and seeing all of the animals. There is nothing better than putting a smile on your child's face!

Someone was photo bombing our picture...


Ending the weekend with a nap and a nice dinner!  

Cracker Barrel...don't you love the atmosphere? It always makes me feel like I'm eating dinner back a home with mom and grandma. Home cooked meals and a warm and inviting atmosphere! Plus, HELLO, Okra!! Yummo!


What a weekend thrill ride!
My second vacation of the year begins in 5 days, let the countdown begin!!


  1. It sounds like you have had some tough things going on in life lately. I'm sorry about your grandfather, I hope things turn better for you soon. At least you had a good weekend, I love the pictures! Enjoy your vacation :)

  2. I will way a prayer for your family. I know how you feel. I lost all 4 of my grandparents in less than 2 years. We lost the last one in April. It is so hard!
    Now I am starving and want Cracker Barrel!


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