Thursday, June 6, 2013

MomMeHour Recap

In February I posted my first experience with MomMeHour.
Samantha over at Hooah And Hiccups had the great vision to put all technology away for an hour and to spend time with our kids.
What a brilliant idea!
These hours have been among the best since then.
The fun times Madison and I have shared, the games we laughed about even hours after they were played and the funny pictures we took along the way are priceless.
Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the Internet, in our phones and everything else that takes time away from our kids.
MomMeHour is the perfect opportunity to devote an entire 60 minutes technology free!

The happiness captured in all of these photos show just how great life is when you take the time to appreciate the little things.
Play ball!

 Dinner where I use to work at when I was a teenager, Edward's Drive In

 Heading out for a walk at the canal

 Fun times at the mall riding rides!

 Manicure time!

 Movie night!

 Celebrating a great night of dance with Mexican food!

 Her first professional Mani/Pedi

 My mother's day mani

 Back yard fun!

 Getting crafty!! Paper bag cow!

 Spending her allowance at the Dollar store

 Watching Escape From Planet Earth

 A walk in the park

 Go Fish

 Mother's Day acting goofy

 Snuggling at nap time

 Going on a cleaning frenzy!
Do you participate in MomMeHour?
Is this in comparison with something you have done in your home?
Leave a comment, I would LOVE to hear all about it!


  1. You guys are adorable!! I'm so bad at it sometimes; I just am so attached to my phone and I need to learn to put it down more often than not. He's the most important thing in my life; not who said what or who commented where... I need to remember my own MomMeHour movement! Lol thanks for the reminder girl :)

  2. My son shuts my laptop or takes me phone when he is determined to get my attention. Smart kid!


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