Thursday, June 20, 2013

On The Wild Side

I received my Ipsy bag two days ago and I haven’t been more excited to open it! I love checking my mailbox for my beauty subscriptions! I have been so busy to even notice the spoilers that were given in the days leading up to the delivery so I had no clue what was in store. Ipsy has delivered great products every month and while this bag wasn’t among my favorites it still had a little bang for the buck!

Like Birchbox, the beauty subscription costs $10! What a bargain for such awesome beauty samples!
The design of the beauty bag is super stylish with a neon yellow and cheetah print. The most exciting part of the entire Ipsy program is receiving the beauty bags! I am the bag lady!

The first item in the bag I pulled out was the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighting Pencil Value: $18

I’ve never used Chella products before and that is the beauty behind receiving these samples. You are able to try new brands and products at a low cost!
The highlighter pencil brightens eyes and brings them more to life. I have only used one highlighting pen and that was through Mary Kay. I have never really gotten into using the highlighting pencils but I could see a difference before and after. The pencil adds a little shine to the eyes and gives the eyes a more stand out look.
 The second product was the Starlooks Lip Pencil Value: $12

I used a lip pencil in middle and high school and I think that will be the last time that it will happen. I did put the pencil on to see how well it worked but my sample came in a brown color therefore I will NOT be using it. The pencil goes on smoothly and does its job but with the wrong shade I will not continue to use it.
  The third sample was the J Cat Sparkling Cream Palette Value: $4.49

When I saw this pallette for the first time I thought wow that is some glittery eyeshadow! But after checking the information on Ipsy’s website you are apparently supposed to use the glitter for your face? I am not a huge fan of glitter unless it is in an eyeshadow and adds some glimmer to the eye area. In this case I think I will pass on this product.

The fourth product was J Cat Eye Lashes Value: $3.99

Let me start by saying I have VERY sensitive eyes. I have friends who use fake lashes all of the time but I am a little skeptical about them. My eyes hurt enough as it is much less smothering them in glue and hoping all goes as planned. My eyelashes are of standard size, I don’t want to spend the night peeling glue out of them to get an extra inch. It just isn’t worth it to me.
  The last item pulled out was the NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush, Espresso Value: $5.69

When you hear the word blush you think pink, right? This little pallet is more of a bronzed , brownish color. I really thought it was a bronzer. I use a pink blush right now and with my skintone I don’t see me continuing the use of this product. I could see myself crushing up the pallet and using it on my eyes or mixing it in with my foundation.

Total Value: $44.17

Since I signed up with Ipsy I have been impressed by all of the products, the sample size and what they had to offer. I am not taking this one month of slight disappointment to heart. It is not a complete waste of money and with the couple of products I will be using it is worth every penny!

Did you receive the Ipsy bag this month? What did you think of it?

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  1. I love ipsy too.. I didn't get the eyelashes though, I got a liquid eyeliner.. I never use lashes either. My nyx also shattered so they were super great about sending me a new one! Huge fan of ipsy :)


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