Sunday, June 16, 2013

Butterfly Kisses

Father's Day #2
Growing up without my father in my life had to be one of the hardest things to deal with.
How could someone walk out of your life and not look back?
Never want to see you, never want to hear from you and never want to be in your life.
Yes, I have had father figures in my life and yes they taught me a lot about life but having a father from day one until now would have been nice.
I envy the women who talk about their father and mother being together for years and years and all of the wonderful memories they have shared.
If you are one of those ladies cherish those moments, not many of us get that experience.

The number one thing I have always wanted was for my daughter to have a father in her life who is genuine, caring, loving and a role model. A dad who loves her with all of his heart and would do anything for her. From the small talks and spending quality time together to having fun and being her solid rock to lean on in hard times.

From the minute Tim held Madison in his arms she had him wrapped around her finger and she has been making his heart melt ever since.

Holding Madison for the first time

The first Father's Day Tim and Madison shared we made him this little frame and poem...

Aren't her tiny little hand prints the cutest?
Another Father's Day we got a little more creative and used a Pinterest idea to create this bad boy!

Pinterest Original
Our creation
It reads
"Dad I know it's not PAYDAY but it's Father's Day and Dad your worth a 100 GRAND to me. The money slipped through my BUTTERFINGER. I didn't think a pet KITKAT or a trip around the MILKY WAY would be appropriate. I do want to wish you MOUNDS of JOY as you eat this card! I hope it doesn't make you ROLO ver and get sick! If it does I promise not to SNICKER. Love your favorite AIRHEAD Madison."
We usually stick with the crafty more creative ideas so this year we decided to continue that trend with the help of Pinterest again. Thank you Pinterest! What did we do before this wonderful site was created?
Pinterest original
Our creation
In the past four years Madison and her daddy have shared many memories and created father and daughter traditions.
Here they are with their pink cheeks, pearly smiles and love for one another.....

 The day Madison was born
Yes, he volunteered to change her first diaper

They love nap time

Strolls along the canal happen quite frequently

Cheering on the Indianapolis Colts

Her first pumpkin patch visit

Father's Day #2

Photo shoot in the park

Just being kids

Apple orchard visit

Father/daughter time at the orchard

Winning prizes at the carnival 

Playing peek-a-boo

Showing the love

Myrtle Beach family vacation

Today's handmade Father's Day card made at daycare

Some of my favorites from our recent family photo shoot

Happy Father's Day to all of the men out there!
What a difference you make in your child's life!
I want to wish my step dad and father in law a wonderful Happy Father's Day as well!
How are you spending Father's Day?
What have you created or bought for your father?


  1. I haven't seen my father since I was 2, so I totally know how you feel. It really upsets me to see all the Happy Father's Day Dad posts on FB, etc. because I don't have that. I was actually thinking it could be a blog post... :-)

  2. Clearly, it's your biological father's loss not to know you. He is an idiot.


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