Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brain Dump

I'm not going to lie, I am on major overload and the only thing that seems relevant to this post is a brain dump. Getting out every last detail may relieve the tension I have been feeling and put some things into perspective!

Money: Always an issue, never a relief.

Time: Not enough of it and always in need of more!

Sunshine: Finally here and loving every minute of it!

Recital: Madison's recital is coming up and I have at least three days worth of scheduled events before the show happens next Saturday!

Bills: I have spent numerous hours on the phone calling companies in order to pay off debt and move forward with good credit.

Secret Mission: I am realizing this takes very small itty bitty baby steps to achieve.

Friends: I hope they all know that I love them and miss them but other things are taking priority over our girls nights out!

Love: I have plenty in my heart and I think of each and every special person in my life but finding the time to show everyone is becoming a bigger task than I had imagined.

Madison: She has been so patient with me. Cleaning her room, eating all of her meals and contributing in the house has been wonderful. She definitely earned her allowance this week!

PITA: The pain in the a** animal that has taken over our garage needs to get out. Making a mess everywhere and getting into things just isn't cool. Your hiding place is very good because after four days we are still wondering where you are hiding or coming in at.

Work: If you could please become a little busier in the near future that would be great. There is nothing worse then trying to stay busy with nothing.

That's my brain dump for now. I thank you for listening to my nonsense and for dropping by the blog today. I haven't received much interaction this week so knowing you are here, whether you comment or not makes me feel special :)


  1. Oh my gosh, the chair swivel is so me this week. But it's more about being too busy and instead doing nothing...

  2. We had one of those garage visitors for a while and never caught him or saw him. Made me so mad!!!

  3. I seriously need that Debt erase button lol I am so with you on the best part of my job being swivel chair. I pulled over 50 hours in four days this week and I am just about done! I hope you are having a great week!


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