Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Dedicated Hour #MomMeHour

On any given morning you can find me sitting in front my computer, drinking my cup of coffee while scrolling through my daily reads.
One of my favorites is Samantha. She blogs over at Hooah and Hiccups and has the cutest little baby boy!
I found myself reading this post and continued to agree, smile, say "yep that's me" and found motivation to follow in her foot steps.
She basically had the brilliant idea to put down all technology for one hour.
NO television, NO Internet and NO phone.
She is dedicating that one hour to her adorable little baby.  
Whether it be through dancing, singing, crafts, napping or just laughing the hour away, it is all about quality time with her son.
She has named this MomMe Hour (Mommy and Me shortened)
So I accepted this challenge and put it to use!
An hour of love, quality time, laughing, undivided attention, fun and memorable moments!
We couldn't of been happier!
One of her favorite games to play
We are all set to play!
Who will be the winner?
Her reaction to my Yahtzee was priceless!
There's the proof!
Of course she is a future model, always posing!
Gotta get those sixes!
Come on Full House!
She is so dedicated
I would love to have read her mind!
She loves to draw in between rolls
I think that smile says it all
 Would you like to join this challenge?
It would be great to see how many of us can make that special time for our loved ones!
Stories, pictures and the moments shared would be great to read about and see!
Share them with all of us on Instagram or Twitter under #MomMeHour!
You can also link up with the wonderful Samantha via her Twitter or Instagram. She will be compiling some of the pictures each week to feature in her recap!
It is very important to not let technology take control of our lives and time spent with family.
Every moment lasts but only a second but the memories last a lifetime!
Even if you don't have a child or children, maybe you need a break from technology?
Share with me how you spent your one hour of free time!
Nothing bad will come from this.
The emails, texts, tweets, notifications and calls can wait.
Family is the #1 priority in life.
Will you join us?



  1. I saw these on Instagram..looks like you girls had fun!

  2. We love playing Yahtzee in my house, too! It was one of those games my grandma taught me and my kids have the greatest time with it!!

  3. What a wonderful idea to spend time just the two of you :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog


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