Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Weeks Until Google Reader Says Farewell

Have you switched to Bloglovin from Google Reader yet?
The countdown is on! Starting July 1st Google Reader will be no more!
Now everyone is basically being forced to use Bloglovin or make the switch to another reader.

I wouldn't freak out or start a riot! Bloglovin is very simple and easy to use!


Go ahead and sign into Bloglovin or create an account.

If you are new to Bloglovin here is a major tip you need to know:

To import all of your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin in about five seconds or to download the cell phone app to gain instant access to Bloglovin, Click here!

Who has the time to sit and search each one of your blog reads and enter them in manually? Not I said the bloggy girl with no time on her hands!

You can then begin separating each blogger into their own category (fashionistas, chefs, mothers to be etc.) You can then mark each one you have read as “read” and leave the ones you want to come back to as “unread”.

Almost like a readers inbox!

Now I want to make sure all of you sweet, sweet friends continue to read my posts so please go and add me to your readers list!

I as well as yourself do not want to be lost in the shuffle!

Click on the icon below or the matching icon to the right by my other social media icons to start following me on Bloglovin!

I am ever so grateful to have you following along in this little journey of mine!

I have noticed that I have a lot of readers but no comments being left. Are you one of those people? You like to read but don’t like to leave a comment or message? I get in the habit of doing this also.

Don't become a silent reader! Let’s work together on dropping a little note by each other’s blog so we know each other stopped by! I love getting messages from all my readers and I am sure you do as well!


  1. Thank you so much for posting about this! I had no idea! Already converted to Bloglovin'!


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