Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All She Wants To Do Is Dance

A year ago we decided to enroll Madison into dance. I wanted her to step out of her comfort zone and become more social. Madison is very shy around people she doesn’t know and starts to shut down when put in an unfamiliar environment.

The entire first 6 weeks of dance Madison would not let me leave the dance room. Parents were instructed to leave the room so the children could learn to become more independent. Thankfully the instructor allowed me to stay in the room.

The first three weeks Madison needed me every session. I either had to hold her hand or stand right next to her and do the dances with her. Talk about embarrassing and awkward. I just wanted my little girl to succeed and to not be so shy.

Within the next two weeks I began to preach to Madison that she would be fine without me and that I would stay in the room but I would sit at the back of the room. If she couldn’t handle that then I would have to leave the classroom entirely. Madison accepted the proposal and began to latch onto the instructor instead. She began to dance with the other children and even start talking to them. On the sixth week I let Madison know that I would be leaving the classroom but sitting right outside of the door listening. She was a little hesitant but remained calm and went into class all alone!!

This was a hurdle that we had overcome and I couldn’t have been more excited! After class I rewarded her with ice cream and applauded and praised her all night.

In December, Madison performed in front of a huge audience at a local performing arts center. She danced to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and rocked it! She remembered every dance move and even smiled the entire dance! Bringing tears to my eyes and a joy to my heart I couldn’t have been any more proud of my little dancing queen!

This past weekend Madison performed on the same stage to “Under The Sea” a Little Mermaid routine and a finale dance with the entire dance company! She looked stunning in her gorgeous costume and her smile was contagious! Excited days before, she kept asking “Is it time for me to be on stage yet?” She loved every moment of it and so did I!

I still cannot believe that a year ago I couldn’t get her to dance, speak or go in the classroom alone and here we are today with two performances successfully completed and another year to begin in July! If it weren’t for her lovely instructor Alicia PanKonie and her wonderful dance company, Dance Connection Madison would have never grown into the fabulous dancer and social butterfly she is today!


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  1. I look forward to putting Emma into dance. I have a feeling she will be wary of me having to leave the room as well.


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