Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Made You Smile Today?

Hey y'all!  
I'm Kate, from Classy Living.
Those of you who know me are already aware that I'm a fourth grade teacher.  I get such a kick out of the kids in my class, especially when it comes to their wardrobe choices.  The majority of my girls LIVE in sparkly clothing and accessories, many of which come from Justice.  Remember Limited Too, that super popular store from the 90's?  Yeah...well Justice is basically it's twin, right down to the funky decor and overpriced sequined tops.

Anyway, one of the girls in my class came in with the most adorable shirt on the other day.  It had a huge smiley face on the front, and the back listed forty things to be happy about.  Cute, right?

Reading that list made me smile from ear to ear.  How often do I take advantage of all the little things in my life that make me happy?  What if I stopped to acknowledge them more often?

Like the cute little keychains in the shape of breakfast foods.

Or my sweet adorable puppy.

Starbucks coffee on a cold winter day.

 Favorite TV shows.

Yummy food.

Beautiful church services.

Kick-butt barbell classes.

My list could go on and on, but today, I challenge you to stop and think about what makes you happy. Are you enjoying all of the little things?  

Tell me, what made you smile today?

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