Friday, May 31, 2013

H54F! Let's get this party started!

Do ya feel that?
Oh it's nothing but a little ball of happiness growing inside because it is already Friday!
I say this like the week went by super fast or something but in all reality 4 day work weeks seem to last just as long as regular ones.
I am more than ready to get my weekend started!
Who's with me?
I'll be the first to scream it TGIF!

1. This week as you know if you live on Planet Earth was a four day work week for most. If you gained an extra day or additional time off give yourself a pat on the back.

2. Madison's dance recital packet came in and we received her costume! Yes we are keeping this whole thing a secret until June 22nd. Stay tuned!

3. I met the sweetest, goal oriented, determined and driven woman I have ever met. If I can keep positive people like her around I will be headed down the right path.

4. My dear friend Stacy helped me out by taking Madison to dance so I could get my herrr did. I kept it longer than normal and colored it as usual. (I'm a natural blonde, but I add highlights and lowlights) I absolutely love the way it turned out!

5. Madison climbed up in my chair and sat next to me, next thing I know she is snoring away. What a perfect moment. There is nothing better than snuggle time with your kiddo!

That concludes my high fives!
Give yourself a high five for making it through the week!
Now go out and have some fun! Smile! Don't waste time! Happiness is key!

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